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Prayer Letter
December 2020


Merry Christmas!

The Christmas season is such a joyous time of year, full of family fun as we try to point the kids towards the real reason for the celebration. The closer Christmas Day gets, the more excited the kids become. 

Though this year's Christmas will look a bit different due to Covid, we are thankful that Christ is unchanging. Because of this truth, as we focus our attention on Him, we'll have a wonderful day no matter who we are celebrating with. This is a good reminder for our family especially, since Lord willing, we will be moving to Missionary Acres before next Christmas and will be further away from family. 

No matter where we are, we can focus on the best gift anyone can ever receive - Christ Jesus. 

We pray that you and your loved ones will have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

In Christ,

Bryan & Lisa Tanner & Family

Ministry Update

While December has been a bit of a slow time for our ministry, we are looking forward to giving an update in a church in Idaho this weekend. 

We will also be traveling to central Washington in early January to fill the pulpit for a few weeks in a church without a pastor. Then, in late January, we'll be heading back down to Missouri for a series of meetings in Missouri and Illinois. 

At the Acres, work is in progress on a new construction. An apartment remodel is also in the works. Please pray for the team there, as they work hard to prepare these homes for residents. 

  • Our current committed support level is 85% 
  • Owen's VNS battery replacement surgery went well and he recovered nicely. 
  • Our schedule for the first quarter of 2021 is getting filled. 
  • We get to celebrate the birth of Jesus this month
Prayer Requests
  • For a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery - Tanner Baby #10 is due in spring 2021
  • That our family would grow closer to God and continue to grow spiritually during deputation.
  • For salvation for our children who are not yet saved.
  • That the residents and staff currently at Missionary Acres would continue to stay healthy -- Pray that no one else would get COVID-19.
  • To continue to connect with Pastors and fill our schedule for 2021.
  • That God would raise our support level to 100%
  • For continued safety on the roads, we will be driving many miles on winter roads. 
  • For continued health for our family.
  • For wisdom for our oldest daughter as she seeks God's direction for her life after high school (she's currently waiting to find out if she was accepted into the college of her choice.) 
  • For Lisa's freelance writing business - she lost a client recently and is praying about finding new ones. 

The Latest from the Blog

About once a month we publish a new blog post. This offers a behind the scenes peek at our journey to become missionaries. Here is our latest blog post: 

How Our Large Family Packs for Deputation Road Trips

Getting 11 people out the door and to the churches where we are presenting isn't an easy task. However, there are a few things we can do to help make the packing process go more smoothly. This post shares a behind the scenes peek at how we pack and load the van for deputation trips. 

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