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Cuyler Yu | October Newsletter #2

October was such an exciting month for me. It's the month of my birthday (which is October 27th) where I celebrated turning 16 and it's the month of Haloween. This October was more exciting than usual as I not only had lots of fun during my birthday but also learned a lot during TKS!

My Progress in TKS

So far, I'm 2 months into TKS and I have gotten a bigger taste of everything TKS has to offer. I've had conversations that I would never have in school and opportunities that I never knew existed!

The AI Hackathon was one of the biggest opportunities I've received in TKS and it taught me so much about AI, high standards, teamwork and life skills that will carry me throughout the real world!

The AI Hackathon

I got the lucky opportunity to participate in the AI Hackathon. The goal of the Hackathon is to solve a feasible worldwide problem in a week using AI in groups of 5, and my teammates were Nizhor Akter, Aun Maqsood, Tam An Le Quang and Lawerence Ju.

In the end, we created a company called Hipnetic which uses AI and machine learning to accurately diagnose hip bone fractures. Along the way, we learned how to make professional slides, high standard pitches and concrete research, which is awesome since these practices will make us more successful in the future!

New Things I've Explored
Internet of Things IoT

As the world advances, technology advances. The internet of things is created through that process and it is used for nearly everything such as creating smarter cities, sharing information online and calling each other from around the globe.

Learn a little about IoT
A Deeper Dive into Marine Biology

Throughout October, I decided to watch some nature documentaries called The Blue Planet ll (Yes I watched the first one). They taught me new things about marine life and how underwater ecosystems work which is fascinating. These documentaries also inspired me to write an article about them that you can check out right here!

Explore The Wonders Of The Abyssal Zone

Click Here
Unity Update!

From my last newsletter, you may know that I've been using the Unity engine to create a physics-based video game. Well recently, I've started to work on a new game.

The objective of the game is to run away from the police with a briefcase and survive until time runs out. This will definitely be a challenge since I want this to be multiplayer and I've never done anything like this before.

My Plan for November

Next month I will...

1.  Start a meaningful schedule to be more organized and productive.

2.  Complete at least two or more explores.

3.  Learn more about Unity to improve my video game.

Cuyler Yu

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