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In this corset newsletter:
  • Personal update - a special thanks to get my computer up and running again!
  • Liquidating three brands from my shop
  • First new video (and blog post) of 2020 - learn from my mistakes when commissioning corsetieres in the past.
Lucy's Personal Update:

A huge and heartfelt thanks for everyone who replied to my last email offering to help me revert my system back to the old operating system and get my programs working again. While it wasn't a seamless process, I was able to get back the most important apps running (and I didn't have to sacrifice too much). Lesson learned - ALL the backups from now on!

A special thanks to none other than the new CEO of Orchard Corset who took time out of her busy day to call me and make sure that I still have the means to keep fresh content coming to Youtube. I've said it before and I'll say it again - the corset community is precious and tight-knit.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to each and every one who took the time to email me and offer support and advice!

In non-computer news, how was everyone's holiday? My family got hit by the stomach flu going around, but we're thankfully mostly over the worst of it now. Those of you who wrote Santa for a new corset, did you get what you wished for?

If not, read ahead because I've just put 20 corsets in my shop into clearance with silly-low prices (seriously... the Vollers and Axfords corsets are below cost now. Those corsets need to mooooove).

Final Sale: Rebel Madness, Axfords, and Vollers, most at $59
Click here to see the clearance section!
Lucy wears the Jade corset by Glamorous Corset

Vollers up to 70% off (below cost!) and Rebel Madness from just $59

It's been a year since I announced my friend's closed down shop and the last few remaining Vollers and Axfords corsets (deadstock items). Well, it's more expensive to keep storing them than it is to sell them at less than wholesale price, so we've decided to reduce these up to 70% off! Most sizes are around 26" but some up to 32".

For the Rebel Madness corsets, these have been great sellers but because we can't restock these in the US, it's time to clear them out too - so they've been reduced to just $59.

This might be your only chance to get European corsets (new and unworn) without having to wait for your corset to be made to order - these are in stock and begging for new forever homes, and at a low 2-day domestic shipping (if you live in the US, it's $10 flat fee for the whole order!)

Additionally, since Axfords (a 100+ year old company) has shut its doors last year forever, this may be your last chance to own a bit of corset history with the last few remaining pieces.

(Please note that these are all final sale - no exchanges or refunds.)

If you'd like to see ALL brands I carry, see the selection here.

And of course, if you would like me to recommend a style that fits you best, I have a free fitting service here too! 

Take me to the clearance sale (most items at only $59!)
First new video and post of 2020!

Check out the new content I've published recently:

What were my criteria and priorities when choosing a new corset maker to work with??

I break this down into three distinct "phases":

Price (going for the least expensive corsets - risky!)

Proximity (getting personal fittings and supporting local artists - soooo worth it!)

Prestige (jumping at the chance to work with unique and elusive corsetieres before they disappear again!)

Prefer to read instead of watch?

I'm slowly getting better about adding closed captions to my videos, but a few followers have asked if I could be a little better about updating my blog since they can skim my articles and glean the same information in 5 minutes instead of watching a 15-minute video on Youtube. It's also lighter on your data plan during that commute home to read instead of watch! I totally get it.

So this year I'm going to be better about updating my blog in a timely manner. Want to read my priorities when commissioning a custom corset? Here you go. Much love.

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