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There is unlimited content online - but how much of it can you download?
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Youtube videos, Instagram videos, Twitter videos - so many videos. 

But these platforms make it impossible for me to simply right-click and download. So here comes The Tech-Letter

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1) YouTube Downloader

y2mate.com search bar

You may have encountered several websites like this one, but there are only a few that don't annoy you with unnecessary ads and virus alerts.

For YouTube downloaders, you can generally visit them and paste in your YouTube video URL. However, the chances of you remembering "y2mate.com" are slim - so here's a little trick for you. 

Say you find a YouTube video to download; in this case: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2h32wsAwiU

To make the download easy, websites like y2mate.com give you a shortcut from the YouTube to their website

The trick is to add a 'pp' right after "youtube" and right before ".com". 

So basically, I'd go from: 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2h32wsAwiU to


This will redirect you to the downloader (y2matewhere you'll be able to follow their download instructions to get an mp4 (video) or mp3 (audio) version of the YouTube video.

2) Instagram Downloader

Instagram video downloader

Yes, you guessed it. This downloader will fetch Instagram videos for you. Unfortunately, there are 2 caveats.

1) This isn't like the YouTube downloader above, where you can type pp and expect a shortcut.

2) This does not work with private Instagram accounts - those are private for a reason. 

With this tool, you have to copy the Instagram video URL (either from the desktop version of Instagram, or using the 3 dots above the video, in the app itself.

Once you do that, simply paste the URL in the text field you see in the image above, and DownloadInstagramVideos, as the name implies, will download the video for you.

3) Twitter Downloader

Twitter user @getvideobot

If you're active on Twitter, you might have noticed several bot accounts such as this one (@getvideobot). As the bio says, all you have to do is mention them under a video you find on Twitter. Here's how it works. 

Say you find a video on Twitter you want to download, i.e. 


You can either visit GetVideoBot's website and paste the Tweet URL or... get a bit more interactive with it.

GetVideoBot download page

As in the first image, you can reply to the tweet by mentioning the bot (@getvideobot).

After a few seconds, this account will either reply to you letting you know your video is ready for download, or your video will be available on the download page. 

To access this page, visit:"getvideobot.com/Your Twitter Username".

So if your username is @jack, then your download page would be "getvideobot.com/jack".

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