My Dear Friends:
Here is a new way to use EarthTides/BodyGuard ionizing body detox.

The night before a big test, an important interview, or an athletic competition... sit down and engage in a 45 minute ionizing body detox session.

If you have a big test, take this time to review your notes and subject matter.

If you have an important interview, see yourself across the interview room absolutely relaxed and smiling. Creat that interview in your mind now exactly how you want the outcome.

If you have an athletic competition, see yourself at bat completely relaxed hitting that home run or fielding that fast grounder perfectly and with ease.

We have seen that something magical happens with our unconscious mind when our feet or arms are in the water. It has been shown that our autonomic nervous systems shift from a sympathetic to a para-sympathetic state while engaged in an ionizing body detox. This shift from (fight/flight) to (heal, relax and digest) also opens an unconscious door to learning efficiently and creating effectively.   There is no end to creation.  Remember to have fun and keep me in the loop as you experience new things.

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