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The Brigands is re-released this month with this great new cover. 

Grab it on Amazon if you haven't already done so.

Grab The Brigands on Amazon
Other Players of the Game Updates

Repenter received a good review from The Prairies Book Review.  Check it out.

I have also been commissioning more portraits of characters from the Players of the Game Series.  I'll be sharing them in the months to come.  Here's a preview of one for ViRauni, the haunted woman in red armor.

This fantastic image from Mikhail Palamarchuk will be getting adapted to a bonus content book called The Brigands: The Favor in the near future.

I am currently working on an updated draft for the 4th book in the series, The Breakers.  I think it's shaping up well.  Its epic with bunches of characters, conflicts, and interactions.  I'm having fun writing it.

September Recommendations

The Girl with All the Gifts by M.R. Carey.

I'm not usually one for zombie books, but this one grabbed me.  These are the sprinting variety with minds taken over by a fungus.  A little girl named Melanie is one of them, but she doesn't know it, and she still has her mind.  In fact, she's a genius.  And kindhearted.  She goes to school in shackles.  With unethical and conflicted people studying her.  Fantastic writing.  And the Audible reader, Finty Williams, gives a performance that's both fragile and harsh. 

If you have any other good zombie reads, please feel free to let me know.

Parks and Recreation

My wife and I are making our way through the series before it leaves Netflix at the end of September.  Every character on the show is great.  We're about halfway through the second-to-last season.  I haven't read spoilers, but I have to wonder if Gary (aka Jerry and Larry) will have some kind of vindication.  I kinda doubt it. 

My favorite line so far is of course one from Ron Swanson: "Not only should this not exist, but you have denied us all cake."

Followed closely by one from Ben Wyatt: "Does she think he's some kind of friendly hat?"

What are some of your favorite Parks lines?

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