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Soul Craft Online Is Ready!!

A month-long online gathering
about craft, connection and our collective well-being!

Hello lovely crafters!

So way back in March, when things were starting to shift, and it looked like we had to cancel Soul Craft I had an inkling of an idea. You see, over the years I've had many many kind emails from people who have seen the The Craft Session Retreat or the Soul Craft Festival or read the blog, who have asked - really kindly - if I could think about putting some of the conversations, talks, presentations and workshops online. They weren't able to be with us due to geography or circumstances or responsibilities - and so they asked if I could figure it out. 

But where I got stuck was how do we create community around the different ideas, because I believe that the conversations that we have afterwards, the conversations that we share with the people around us, are often where the true magic lies. It is in sharing the ideas that we have heard or translating them into something we can relate to, that leads to change in our lives making the world a better, more beautiful place.

So what to do....

And then it occurred to me, as we became more house-bound and were drawn more into the online world, that maybe there was a way of doing it that would still have the magic of a communal event. 

And so.... Soul Craft Online was born.

It is much more than a writers festival for makers. And it is much more than a series of extended TED-type talks or interviews. 

Instead it is a place to gather - online - to talk about ideas that matter, and how making supports us, connects us and changes us. It is about having a conversation about ideas that I know you champions care about! 

So Soul Craft Online is a month-long online gathering where we can come together to talk about the ideas, thoughts and stories about how making elevates our lives. It is lush with nourishing and life enriching content, shared by a wonderful group of presenters who generously share their thoughts, ideas and passions in this moment about why making matters to them.

Some details for you!

In short;

  • Soul Craft Online runs from November 14th - December 14th 2020 - with a different theme each week.
  • You can participate as much or as little as you are able over the month. Content will be available to you after the end of the festival (till May 14th 2021)
  • Content includes interviews, presentations, live-ish conversations and Q&As, mini-workshops, technical presentations and stories. Content is released 5 or 6 days a week - and then we get to chat about it.
  • Some presenters you will know really well whereas others you won't have heard of! This is part of the magic. Each person has something to share that is inspiring, thoughtful, passionate and clever about their relationship to making and how that translates into how they live.
  • There is a beautiful downloadable Soul Craft Journal for you to record your thoughts.
  • Buy a Festival Pass for access to the whole festival - $90 AUD full price/$45 AUD concession.*
  • We have scholarships to make it more financially accessible!**
  • And so much more....

My hope is that you are able to watch and listen as you make! Maybe some Xmas crafting?

You will find the details including the inaugural Soul Craft Online Program for 2020 on our website Tickets are on sale up until the Festival opens!

You can buy A Festival Pass here

As always feel free to email me at I love hearing from you.

I hope you can join us!

Felicia x

* This is approx $70 USD full price/$35 USD concession.

**We will be releasing 100 scholarships on Nov 7th for people who live with ongoing financial stress.

    On The Blog

    So the blog has been a little quiet as I've been busy creating Soul Craft Online.... but there have been a few posts. And I've been supplementing the posts with a few videos on Instagram if that is more your jam. 

    That all said - if you love the blog, you will love the festival. It really is a festival of ideas about craft - how it supports us, connects us and changes us!!

    June 26th
    Craft As Elevating The Mundane

    The societal narrative of chasing the extraordinary is pervasive; this narrative that “happiness” is waiting for us, as a permanent state, when we achieve our extraordinary goals.

    And yet, that is not what a life is. So many of our moments are not that, content maybe, but not necessarily happy. And many of them are mundane. That is not a bad thing. It is life, and life needs balance. Not balance as a state that we achieve, but balance as the full breadth of emotional experience over time. A landscape of moments that have depth to them, rather than the one-note tune of happiness....

    July 31st
    Feelings Don't Have Fences

    Our feelings matter. Our feelings - whatever they are - bleed out into all aspects of our life and our capacity to deal with what is thrown at us. They impact whether or not we have good well-being, whether or not we are OK in this moment.

    There is (sadly) still this pervasive idea within our society that “self-care” (people always put it in inverted commas to signal their disdain) or well-being are kinda selfish concepts.

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