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Adara's March 2020 Update
Uncertainty = Opportunity πŸ”‘

I didn't do a ton this month, and that's okay. I had many things planned for March, however, COVID-19 happened. 

Initially, I found it hard to adjust to the change and uncertainty that it brought about. I honestly didn't do as many tangible things (events, projects, etc.) as I would normally do. 

Then I realized it's all about the #perspective mindset. Yes, we didn't plan for this to happen; but in times of uncertainty, there are great opportunities. I decided to take this time at home as a time to develop myself and my skills more. It's also been a great experience to spend more time with family and reevaluate how I spend my time (p.s. I would highly recommend doing this). 

 Three main mindsets I think can help anyone during this time are gratitude, discipline, and perspective. I've been working on strengthening all of these over the past couple of weeks. 

For those new to my newsletter, πŸ‘‹πŸΌ I'm Adara. A 17 y/o on a mission to help address the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). My current focus is SDG #13 - Climate Action with the projects Photome Labs and Project Vesta. I have a huge passion for the environment and exploration (marine, space, and terrestrial). 🌎 I'm a futurist, activist, writer, and genetics researcher. 

If you're receiving this newsletter, you agreed to follow along on my journey and for that I'm grateful. 

From speaking at a climate conference, discovering my passion for urban planning, and working on real-world problems, March has been full of learning experiences. 

Time to dive in! πŸ¬β¬‡

Working on a consulting project for scaling Kidogo in East Africa. 🌍

I've always been passionate about access to education. Recently, I had the opportunity through The Knowledge Society to work on a consulting project for Kidogo to help them scale their Early Childhood Development program in East Africa. It was such a valuable experience. I learned about a new branch of education - early childhood development and strengthened my problem-solving skills. A huge love moment to teammate Ruhani Walia for being an amazing human to work with. πŸ’œ Ruhani and I created the Kidogo Scaling Masterplan. Check out our full recommendation below. ⬇ It includes a deck, website, videos, playbooks, one-pagers, and more. :)

Our Recommendation
Speaking & Experiences
Speaking @ Windsor University

One of my biggest highlights of March was speaking at Windsor University for their City Climate Action conference. It was also my first trip traveling alone and I learned a ton attending the conference from topics ranging from urban planning (see focus highlights πŸ˜‰) to filmmaking with Windsor International Film Festival (WIFF) directors. Huge love moment to Dr. Anneke Smit for the opportunity to speak at the event.

Dress For Success Breakfast

I went to an International Women's Day Breakfast for Dress for Success hosted by Yes! Executives with my fellow TKS innovator Mehar Chatha. We met so many amazing women in different industries and had thought-provoking conversations that I hope to activate in future meetings. Thank you to Jennifer Brown for the invitation and for organizing an awesome event! πŸ’œ

Focus Highlights

Two projects/focus areas I've been working on throughout March: 

The Future Of Cities
Urban Planning

At the Cities & Climate Action conference, I discovered a new passion for urban planning and designing sustainable future cities. πŸŒ† This is definitely going to be a new focus area for me moving forwards! My goal for the next month is to become familiar with what's currently being done in the future city space and become familiar with the basics of urban planning tools.

SDG # 13 - Climate Action
Project Vesta

I started working on early research for a life cycle assessment (LCA) on Olivine for a research paper with Project Vesta. I'm super pumped to be working on this project because it aligns with my focus on SDG #13 and has the potential to create a huge impact. Thank you to Mackenzie Dion for this opportunity! πŸ’œ I'm excited to continue working on this project. 

Experiences + Accomplishments
Other adventures this month.
Learnings, content, and more!
I ❀️'d In March

My Top 5 resources from March 2020: 

  1. Khan Academy x Disney's Imagineering Course 
  2. SDG Academy 
  3. MIT Solve
Coming Soon
Sneak Peek Into April:

A little preview into how I'm planning on spending my time during the upcoming month! πŸ˜‰

  • Personal website 2.0
  • Photonics series
  • Olivine article 
πŸš€ Learning
  • Deep-dive into death tech. 
  • Deep-dive into man-made greenhouse gases. 
  • Autodesk CAD software

🌍 Experiences
  • Apprenticeship at Zizzle Labs (virtually) under Alexandra Pokras.
  • Virtual residency at Autodesk. 
  • Finishing the Imagineering-In-A-Box course.
⚑ Projects
  • Photome Labs 
  • Project Vesta research paper
  • Secret UN SDG goal project
  • Sea kelp pontoons 

Thanks for following along on my journey! My call to action for you is to take some time to introspect on how you can best spend your time. Stay safe, healthy, and productive. 

πŸ’œ Until next month :)

Futurist + Co-Founder of Photome Labs
Adara Hagman
Adara Hagman

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