My February 2021 Sci-Fi Newsletter With Sales Promos!

Hello, Sci-Fi Readers!

I finally got my first Covid-19 Vaccine! My only side effect was 'Extreme Happiness'! Get your shots!

I have a special deal in this NL. My box set, UTOPIAS Dystopian Series, is on sale for $3.99. It is also available for Free in Kindle Unlimited. I hope you enjoy the stories

I released my first Prequel Novella story called UTOPIAS - The Plague Wars for the UTOPIAS Series. It's only 99 Cents and it will serve as a good introduction to some of the main characters and events that follow in Books 0, 1 and 2. I enjoyed writing it and I hope you enjoy reading it as well.

I am hard at work on writing the next prequel novella story, number 2 of 3, to serve as sales magnets for my three trilogies. I plan to use them to promote each series and build my Newsletter subscriber list. I hope to release the next story in March. I am enjoying visiting my characters one more time as they try to tell me more about their lives before the start of each series.

Included in this NL are three BookFunnel Sales Promos. Enjoy the book selections and support Indie Authors by posting Reviews! More of my books are included. 

Please post Reviews on Amazon, Barnes & Noble,  Goodreads or Smashwords if you have already read or like any of these books to encourage new Sci-Fi readers to try them. Thank you for doing this.

Keep safe; vaccines are here, and keep reading Sci-Fi!

New Release: UTOPIAS - The Plague Wars by Don Viecelli - $0.99

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UTOPIAS Dystopian Series by Don Viecelli - Free Kindle Unlimited or On Sale $3.99

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy Bargains Sales Promo!

Sales Promo from BookFunnel! Eighty-nine (89) box sets here.

My books, The Guardians - Book 2 and Nanomachine - Book 2, are included on sale. Post Reviews if you like these series.

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February From the Void Sales Promo!

Sales Promo from BookFunnel! Forty-four (44) stories here.

My books, The Guardians - Book 1, Nanomachine War - Book 1 and UTOPIAS - Book 0, are included. Post Reviews if you like these books.

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Revenge of the Space Opera Shenanigans Sales Promo!

Sales Promo from BookFunnel! Fifty-nine (59) stories here.

My box set, The Guardians Series, is included on sale for $3.99! Post a Review if you like these stories.

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Don Viecelli Sci-Fi Newsletter

February 5, 2021