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From the Chair

ISDDE 2018 in Galway was, as we expected, characterised by a warm Gaelic welcome. Thanks to Tony and Cornelia for their hard work in planning and organising a most enjoyable event. Will has linked to the blogs and photos elsewhere - do take a look to read the impressions of first timers and regular attendees - and take a peek at the video, put together by Jim, which shows us mostly in a favourable light!   The baton now passes to Chris Schunn in Pittsburgh for ISDDE 2019.  Having sought opinions on timing, we're reverting to our usual time of year and so will be meeting in the USA in September. The site is now live and you can gain a sense of what's being planned at

That does however mean there is now a long gap before we meet again. Over lunch in Galway the assembled crowd suggested that we maintain momentum by organising 'local' ISDDE conferences. So far we have two planned - one in Canberra, Australia and one in Nottingham, UK (which is incidentally where ISDDE 2020 will be held too). If you'd like to join in one of those two groups, please do let Kristen ( or Geoff ( know. Both will be in the first part of 2019. And if you are keen to organise something 'locally' in your own country please do let me know so that we can advertise that too.

In the last newsletter I mentioned our newly acquired ICMI Affiliated Organisation status. The next conference, ICMI14 is going to be in Shanghai in July 2020 and we plan to have a presence there that is commensurate with our newly acquired status. We hope that one of the outcomes will be that we raise the profile of ISDDE in those areas of the world where we have, at present, very few members, so that a future conference could take place in a new venue. 

Also in the last newsletter I mentioned that Jacquey Barber will be taking over as chair in January. At the end of the year there are also likely to be vacancies on the Executive so if you'd like to be considered, or have a colleague whom you'd like to put forward, do get in touch. Likewise if you have a colleague who is not a fellow or member but would enjoy being part of our community. The information about the Executive's role, and Fellowship, is on the website which, when you next check in, you will find looks distinctly different. We haven't quite got all information up to date but are working on it, and any feedback on the new design would be greatly appreciated.

As you may imagine it's quite a job getting all that sorted and as usual Daniel Pead, our secretary, has been working quietly behind the scenes to support Tom Wake , who did the actual new build. Dan has been secretary since ISDDE first began, and has done absolutely sterling work behind the scenes during all the time since. He is retiring and will be stepping down from the Exec at the end of the year. I extend my thanks to all the Exec, of course, but a massive thank you to Dan without whom, really, ISDDE would be a much less organised and convivial organisation.

We're about to begin our summer holidays here in the UK. If you are too then we hope you have a well deserved break, and if it's winter where you are then I hope you have as glorious a summer when it comes as we are having here!

Lynne McClure, Chair of ISDDE 2017-8

Revised ISDDE website launched

This is the frontpage of the newly renovated ISDDE website that was recently launched. The redesign makes the site easier to update and access.

Now is a good time to bookmark the page if you haven't done so already...

...come back often to stay in touch with your Society.

2019 – another big year for ISDDE

It is never too early to put the dates and location of the next ISDDE conference in tour diary; or to start thinking about who might be nominated for the annual prize (the Eddies)


ISDDE 2019 will take place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the University of Pittsburgh on Sept 16–19, 2019. The conference theme will be Designing for the Future, and will include a new strands on design for computational thinking and leading design groups.

The website is already up and will be continue to be updated with additional details in the coming 6 months:


In 2019 the ISDDE Prize will be for a substantial body of work, by an individual or a team, over a period of years that shows excellence in design for education in science or mathematics.

The official announcement and call for nominations will be made near the start of 2019. However, now is not too early to start thinking about who you might nominate.

This is a prestigious award, that does include a $5,000 prize, and it is well worth thinking now about whether there is someone or some team that you think deserves to have their work recognised in this way.

Watch out for future announcements.

Read about previous winners on the new website.

2018 ISDDE Conference: Culture and Educational Design

The 2018 ISDDE Annual Conference was held at the end of May in Galway, Ireland, in the beautiful environs of the campus of the National University of Ireland.

The conference was an outstanding success professionally, and socially. Here are some links that give some insight into what went on, what was achieved and what might come next.

Blogs by participants

A couple of the conference delegates have shared their thoughts here.

Working groups

Chairs of several of the strand groups have provided brief reports:

Designing assessment (Chair Hugh Burkhardt)

Designing for diverse learners (Chair Chris Schunn)

Designing instructional materials (Chair Steve Thornton)

Designing professional learning (Chair Maarten Pieters)

Their reports are available here.

Photos and video

Relive the conference; or see what you missed out on.

Photographs and a short video have been published on the conference website; scroll to the bottom for the video.

Click here.

Educational Designer

New edition released in May

Volume 3, Issue 11 is now available. This 'special issue' edition focusses on Lesson Study and its design processes in a broad international context. Sincere thanks to Max Stephens for his work as editor of the special edition.

Lesson Study is a topic of interest in many areas of the world; please pass on notice of the availability of this special edition to colleagues you think will be interested.

Several of the contributors are experienced designers, but new voices in the educational design community of ISDDE.  We look forward to their continuing contributions.

Other matters

We anticipate that the next issue will be available around October this year.

An article in Educational Designer is a great way to share your work, and to receive feedback from colleagues in the field. You are encouraged to consider submitting an article. The guidelines are available here.

We are still looking for an associate editor to replace Max Stephens who is stepping down. Someone with expertise in science education would be a particularly welcome.

Kaye Stacey, Editor in Chief, on behalf of the editorial team.

New Fellows welcomed to ISDDE

Congratulations to these new Fellows of ISDDE who were officially welcomed to the Society at the 2018 conference by the chair of the membership committee Chris Schunn (at far left of the photo):

Eric Snow, SRI, Jonathan Singer, UMCB, Patrick Callahan, Callahan consulting, Solana Lee, Callahan consulting, Jessica Balli, Callahan consulting, Tabitha Gould, Cambridge Mathematics, Mac Cannady, Lawrence Hall of Science, Eílis Flanagan, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ellen Jameson, Cambridge Maths, Cornelia Connelly, National University of Ireland, Galway, 


The following are also newly elected Fellows of ISDDE:
Oliver Hill, Virginia State University, Allison Castro Superfine, UI Chicago, Peter White, Michigan State, Paul Cobb, Vanderbilt, Christopher Harris, SRI, Meg Colasante, La Trobe Online, Ron Tzur, University of Colorado Denver, Zalman Usiskin, UCSMP.

Welcome to you all!

Find out how to apply to become a Fellow of ISDDE.



ISSDE was formed to help those dedicated to raising the quality of design of educational processes and materials to work effectively as a coherent professional design and development community. The society's Background Paper provides information about the mission and activities of ISDDE.

Educational designers around the world are invited to consider becoming a member of ISDDE.


The ISDDE Committee does its work through several sub-committees. Please use the email links to the Chairs and those coordinating the sub-committees included if you have any matters you would like to raise for consideration at any time.

Chairs: Lynne McClure (2017-18); Jacquey Barber (incoming Chair for 2019-20.)

Secretary: Daniel Pead (stepping down)

Journal: Kaye Stacey (Editor-in-chief), Sheila Evans (Assistant editor), Daniel Pead (Design editor), Dor Abrahamson and Frans van Galen (Associate editors).

Conference: Chris Schunn and colleagues

Prize: Geoff Wake, Betty Phillips, Jacquey Barber and Peter Boon.

Communications: Will Morony, Alan Schoenfeld, David Kumar.

Membership: Chris Schunn, Lynne McClure, Phil Daro, Leslie Dietiker.

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