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Here's a much-needed dose of uplifting stories that prove no matter what, we are all going to be alright. Open full post

The day comes when your pupper grows into a dog. And keeps growing. And growing. Aha! You forgot it’s one of those giant dog breeds that make you think Clifford, the Big Red Dog might be real. Open full post

I created a heartwarming comic about an alligator called ‘Buddy Gator’ to spread some positive vibes. Open full post

Chris Kennedy put up a "Joy" sign and a figure of a Black Santa Claus that he hoped would set a good example for his 4-year-old daughter, but in turn, he found a disgusting anonymous note in his mail. Open full post

One thing that makes people feel incredibly good is ‘roasting’ someone online with a comeback so witty and so savage, they had to call the ‘Oh Snap’ and fire brigades. Open full post

"In order to make what I believe is a successful portrait, it is necessary to connect in some way with the person being photographed." Open full post

Over 26,000 Redditors who grew up poor recently got together to share what was a thing that they considered a luxury, and Bored Panda collected some of the best answers and made it into a list! Open full post

"Money can't buy happiness," "looks don't matter," "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger": chances are you've heard all of these popular sayings more than a dozen times. Or even said them yourself—but do you really believe them? Open full post

Running since the fall of the Berlin wall, this animated show probably needs no introduction. The yellow, round-eyed characters of The Simpsons are surely not to be mistaken for any other cartoon family. While the way the show is drawn may not be the main reason behind why the show became such an integral part of pop culture, its consistency is something to be admired. Open full post

Cars and guns. Flags and freedom. Fast-food and air-conditioning. That’s what the United States is all about—or at least the stereotypical version of America, according to the internet. Open full post

We and our parents at our age are worlds, or rather lightyears, apart. These memes show us how. Open full post

2020 has been really difficult. If there's one thing we need more than anything else this year, it's hope. And it's exactly what multidisciplinary artist Daniel Popper has offered with his latest work. Open full post

Millions and millions of people all over the world couldn't imagine the festive season without 10-year-old Macaulay Culkin on their TV screens preparing traps inside his house to catch the "Wet Bandits." Open full post

"This is not that hard to understand, everybody. That's why we have rules about wearing a mask." Open full post

"My daughter and I have a wonderful, communicative relationship. We are very silly together and understand the importance of being ridiculous and absurd." Open full post

Russia, for many, is a very interesting country full of unique traditions, situations, and people. Open full post

How do you capture truth and remain authentic? How do you portray it in a way that's easily understandable, intuitive yet creative, and challenging? Answer these questions and you're a timeless artist. Writer and cartoonist Charlie Hankin has. Or, if you want to remain critical, is about to. Open full post

Bored Panda has collected some of the best entries in this one Reddit post that asked people to share their best scam stories, all for your enjoyment… and also for you to be aware of how sneaky scammers might be. Open full post

Have you ever looked at an animal and thought to yourself: "Wow, this mesmerizing creature looks more beautiful than any person I've ever seen?" That's exactly what came to my mind after seeing this husky. Open full post

Turns out, in London, you can rent a tree that comes to your home in a pot, and returns to the wild once the festivities are over and waits for the next year. Environmentalism all around! Open full post

For International Men’s Day on November 19, The Yellow Club shared an illustrated post about what we shouldn’t say to men because it can harm their mental health. Open full post

Instant messaging and e-mail makes our jobs much easier. Long gone are the days of running to your colleague's desk to have normal, face-to-face human interaction about your project. Now, we can send each other passive-aggressive messages and avoid each other altogether. Yay. Open full post

At this point, it has sort of turned into a beautiful tradition for people to take some time after each new Apple release, roll up their sleeves, and craft some hilarious memes roasting the product. Open full post

There's nothing a man's love for his best furry friend wouldn't do, even if that takes grabbing a massive bear by the throat. Open full post

Angry after an argument with his wife, this Italian man made the headlines by walking 280 miles to cool off before getting caught by police and fined for breaking the lockdown. The 48-year-old man who took a week-long stroll reportedly needed to soothe his anger after having a row with his partner. While the man and his wife live in the far north of Italy on the Swiss border, in Como, he made it all the way to Fano, a town 280 miles south, on the Adriatic coast. Open full post

In this age of information, it's sometimes baffling to see anti-vaxxers being as adamant as ever. This aversion to modern medicine and vaccines is making some doctors turn to social media in order to spread true and tested information about vaccines. Recently, one NHS doctor did just that. Open full post

The adorable fluffy orange creature you can see in the photos below is a cat named Bubby. The first thing that you've probably noticed about this little guy is that he doesn't have one of his front legs. Open full post

Boy, what a year. Millions of people lost their sources of income for an indefinite time. Essential workers (or "heroes," like we all like to label them nowadays) are risking their health in order to pay their bills. Companies are going bankrupt. But no need to worry about the CEOs or the big guys—apparently, they're all doing just fine. Open full post

While the COVID-19 cases in the United States are almost exponentially rising with each passing day, some countries have already gotten the situation under control and people there have been back to their normal lives for quite some time. Sounds surreal, doesn't it? Turns out, the country of Taiwan, which has a population of around 23.6 million people and has had 720 total cases along with only 7 deaths, has already managed to deal with the pandemic and residents have been back to a normal life since February. How'd they do that, you ask? The answer is relatively simple—strict policies. Open full post

Just a few days ago, a comic by Ademar Vieira was posted here. It explored two possible universes of having and not having a dog. This time, we're posting more of his comics. Open full post

I am 16 and I have been drawing comics since I was 13 years old. Open full post

Recently, four camera trap pictures from the year 2013 have resurfaced on the interwebs, and turns out, these photos capture the first-ever confirmed case of a wild cougar with leucism. Open full post

Each year, it's fun to explore the different aspects of Christmas life. As we count down to Christmas, please check out my Christmas-themed cartoons! Open full post

A UPS driver made the internet tear up when he shared a photo of his son’s letter to Santa. Make sure you’re ready to feel a lot of feels. Open full post

This is my Dad and his Grandpugs, Harvey & Layla. This is one of my favorite pictures in the world. Quick story behind the photo, it was midnight on St Patrick’s Day a few years ago and had just moved back in with my parents due to a failed relationship. Open full post

Jamie Wilkes was in the midst of an apartment viewing when he accidentally discovered that the property he was inspecting had a truly peculiar exit to the back garden. Open full post

I have already shared with you some of my work showing what famous characters would buy at the supermarket—check out my post here. Here come a bunch of new customers with their own needs! Open full post

One person who tried to cut through the noise and help others get to the truth by streamlining coronavirus-related info was Megan McNally. She shared how to handle Covid once you’ve got it. Open full post

This optical illusion you're about to see has got people scratching their heads. Originally shared on Twitter, the rotating circles illusion spread on various platforms on social media, prompting strong reactions from people online. "What's happening to my world?" someone asked hypothetically. Open full post

My partner (Jenna Belevender) and I (Michelle Gerard) are commercial and editorial photographers with a strong emphasis on food and storytelling, based in Detroit, Michigan. Open full post

The Pairi Daiza zoo located in Brugelette, Belgium has recently welcomed the newest member of its ever-growing Sumatran orangutan family and the pics are absolutely adorable! Open full post

In light of the recent coronavirus vaccines, over 38,000 people tuned in to read an "explain it like I'm 5" thread from science communicator Teagan Wall Open full post

Sprinklers are loads of fun, and as it turns out, not just in the summer as this one has accidentally created a frozen wonderland in this Californian golf course Open full post

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