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Call for nominations inside the EFLM Communication Committee (CC)

The Working Group Promotion & Publications (WG-PP) is calling for nomination for 3 positions (for the 2-year term of office 2020-2021): 1 Young Scientist (≤35 years old at the time of nomination) and  2 Full members.

New skills and contacts in a progressive professional community

The Communication Committee (C-C) is in the middle of all EFLM activities. Members of CC team can learn new skills in:

  • modern ways of propagation of scientific publications, educational materials or congresses
  • communication with top scientists and educators
  • management of teamwork

We are open to start any new meaningful activity.

The work is mainly conducted by e-mail and teleconferencing, the team usually meets once per year (travel expenses are covered by EFLM).

See the composition of the C-C
Proactivity, opennes to new challenges, comittment

We are seeking for proactive colleagues that are eager to work for professional community. We use a plenty of software tools to achieve our goals, that is why the applicant should be open to a learn new things. Expertise in laboratory medicine and educational skills are useful to create propagation materials. It is expected that the member will spend at least 3 hours a week working on Communication Committee tasks.

See the WG-PP Terms of reference
Procedure for applications

Each EFLM National Society Member in good standing with the membership fee can submit one nomination through the application form. A brief plan of the applicant’s contribution to the aims and objectives of the relevant Working Group has to be included in the form. Together with the application, a short CV should also be submitted underlining the qualifications and prior experience and publications in the relevant area. The candidates has to be officially recommended by the National Society through a formal letter of support.

Nominations have to be electronically submitted to the EFLM Office: Silvia Cattaneo - e-mail: within the deadline of 28 February 2020.

Chair of the Communication Committee
Daniel Rajdl
Daniel Rajdl
European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine

Coudenberg 70, Brussels

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