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“The best way to find out what we really need is to get rid of what we don't.” - Marie Kondo

From the queen of clean herself , we could learn a thing or two from Marie but not just for our homes, for all the areas of our lives that we just don't need anymore as well.

Are you familiar with the term 'limiting beliefs?' This is when you have thoughts that stop you from (usually) doing something great. These are ingrained in us, most often from childhood or traumatic experiences as adults. These thoughts however, are not absolute. We can change them. We just have to WANT to change them. What's the point of living in the past if we can never go back? Spring clean your thoughts hun!

What about people in our lives? How often do you clear out the ones that are exhausting? The ones who are critical? The ones who aren't supportive? The ones who don't bring any joy? I know these people might be a lot of family members 😂🤣 but there's a way to spring clean them too! Distance yourself - see them in limited amounts. If they're on social media, they will inadvertently cause you stress whenever you see their posts, bringing up feelings of dread, so unfollow them and you'll see them even less. Applies to an ex too - they're an ex for a reason, don't forget that! For everyone else - just stop seeing or talking to them and instead replace them for people who understand who you are today and will not bring you down.

The quality of our relationships has a massive impact on the quality of the relationship we have with ourselves. Choose wisely.

For more great tips on how to live your best life, join me for the FRANKLY UNSTOPPABLE Coaching Retreat on 15th March and let's have a good Life Spring clean. I've also written a fab post about food affecting your goals this week, have a look below.

Have a great week!

Lots of love

Puja x

15th-17th March

Relax, Re-focus, Re-energise.

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