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A Newsletter from Lis
A flower from the Xalapa Botanical Gardens

"Close up", Xalapa Botanical Gardens

Welcome to the very 1st edition of Field Notes a monthly newsletter by me, Lis Hubert, with a focus on sharing insights from my journey towards architecting my best life. THANK YOU to each of you for being here. P.S. Was this email forwarded to you? You need your own!

Xalapa México, Friday, November 15, 2019 

Hello there, 

Or maybe I should be saying "Hola allí". After a month in México, I'm not quite sure anymore. 

What I am sure of is starting a monthly newsletter to bring together my content in one place has always been my vision.  

My plan is to send this out once a month, and to make sure it's USEFUL. I consider it an easy one stop shop for you to stay up to date with my wanderings. 

Thing is, I have no idea of it helps YOU. Hit "Reply" and let me know... please?

Now, on to the summary.


It's been a great month, and as I sit here watching night fall over the cloud forest of Xalapa I wonder "what insight can I offer to make this email most valuable"?

What flashes across my brain like a Vegas sign is: YOUR TRUTH.

I've been thinking a lot about the content I produce, and I have to admit something has been missing for me. While here in the City of Flowers, I found that missing piece. 

You can see this discovery in the last 5 minutes of my most recent video "There’s More to Life than Romance… Right?". In those moments, with the dogs barking like crazy and thus "throwing me off my game", I come into and freely speak my truth.

I want more of that. In fact, I promise you more of that. 

For now though, we have to settle for what I've already done. Read on to learn about the adventures I've had these past 30 days. 

This month on the blog

Every couple of weeks I share thoughts and feelings (and pictures!) from trying to live my best life. Here's the latest from The Lis Experiment Blog.

Becoming a Wild Woman

This post was originally published in Sam Osbiston’s online publication Catching Life back in the Spring of 2017. It’s one I worked hard on and really enjoyed creating! I’m reposting here so that you too can enjoy it (hopefully). 

Questioning Your Thoughts to Step Into Your Power

I’ve come to realize that most of what scares me simply isn’t REAL. Yeah, I said it. Most of what I fear exists only inside the confines of my mind. Knowing this, I can deduce that once I question my thoughts, I can then recognize them for what they are; mere apparitions of consequences assumed...

Ready for the Dark

“The real issue arises if we get the Diablo Winds.” My friend (and one of the homeowners I sit for in Oakland) was informing me about the catalyst for the planned power outages in the region. Being that we were up in the hills, we were likely to lose power in the next 24 hours....

This month on YouTube

Did you you know I have a YouTube channel? Well, I do, and it's the place where I share weekly updates on what I'm learning and what I'm working on. This happened to be a special month where I told some stories as well. Be sure to subscribe!

There’s More to Life than Romance… Right? – Xalapa, Mexico

Today I talk about a lot, but perhaps the biggest topic is relationships. Besides sharing my sad feelings about leaving Mexico next week, and my happy feelings about deciding to continue my Spanish lessons and return to Mexico soon, I start to unearth the thoughts and feelings I’ve been having about relationships, marriage, and my stance in the world. Most importantly… I’d LOVE to know your thoughts on the subject.

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Manifesting in Life While Learning About the Dead – Xalapa, Mexico

It’s another week here in Xalapa, and a special one at that! This week I not only share with you my thoughts on manifesting, but I also break down what I did, learned, and worked on in regards to Day of the Dead. I think this is one you’re really going to like. Let me know if I’m right in the comments.

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That Time I (Sorta) Overdosed on Carvel Cake Crunchies

By special request I'm sharing a new experiment... Story Time! There are a lot of random funny things that have happened, and continue TO happen, to me in my everyday life. A dear friend of mind suggested I share them with everyone, so here goes. 

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Adventures in Everyday Life and Realizing How Alike We Really Are – Xalapa, Mexico

It’s a rainy day in Xalapa, Mexico, but I’m back to share my lessons learned and hard work from the week. Stories include how to ride the public bus in Xalapa, insights into a school’s Muertos celebration, and pushing through the frustrations of language and expression.

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Stories of Mexico – Xalapa

I’m trying something a *little* different today, and I hope you like it! Tune in to hear a story or two about my first week here in Xalapa. I share lessons learned including how amazing the Mexican people are, we can live with so much less than we think, and being in a country really is a great way to get better at a language.

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The World is Scary... in My Head – Xalapa, Mexico

Today’s video is my first from beautiful Xalapa, Mexico! I share lessons learned including my need for deeper conversations, being immediate and vulnerable with my feelings, coming to grips with my limited Spanish speaking abilities, and most importantly, remembering the world is scarier in my head than in real life. 

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To ALL of you
that have provided feedback on my content. Thank you. It helps keep me going. 

To my business partner and dear friend Diana Sonis for this. It's quirky, but I like it.  


Here are my next few stops. Going to be nearby? Reach out!

Las Cruces, NM
November 19 - December 17

Hoboken, NJ
December 17 - 20

Fremont Center, NY
December 20 - December 26

East Hartford, CT
December 26 – January 1 

Thank you for your healthy curiosity and focused attention,
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