Hi , to give you a profound summary of last week's most important projects, I have analyzed 92 use cases in AI, Blockchain, and IoT. In this briefing, you'll find the 13 most relevant projects impacting healthcare, robotics, e-commerce, logistics, fintech, banking, mobility, proptech, supply chain, Industry 4.0, and the food industry. Your time is money, so let's jump straight into last week's AI projects.

 AI  / Blockchain / IoT / Bioprinted Chicken

UN Uses IBM AI in the Philippines to Provide COVID-19 Info

Photo by JC Gellidon on Unsplash

 AI   Healthcare 

COVID-19 pandemic seems to accelerate AI adoption in healthcare hugely. Machine learning algorithms are used to help search for vaccines, estimate the hospital capacities, help understand how COVID-19 spreads, and, as shown in the example below, help provide citizens with the information efficiently.

IBM's conversational AI Watson Assistant is used by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network in the Philippines. The AI-powered virtual agent is offered to government agencies, businesses, and hospitals to provide citizens with information about COVID-19 quicker and more reliable.

The average daily active conversations handled by the virtual assistant increased by 1050% since the implementation of IBM Watson Assistant. Read more

Who Let the Drones Out?

 AI   Robotics   E-Commerce   Logistics 

Amazon began the live testing of delivery drones in Snohomish County, and the Irvine area of California. Recently the e-commerce giant expanded the trial to two more states: Georgia and Tennessee. The wheeled drones will be accompanied by their human supervisors and deliver the regular Amazon orders. Battery-powered delivery drones are a part of Amazon's plan to go zero carbon by 2040. Read more

Amazon is not the only company experimenting with the delivery robots. The company behind the food delivery robots Kiwi partnered with the city of San Jose to let a squad of 25 robots out on the streets. Read more

FedEx is Experimenting With Robotic Arms to Handle Increased E-Commerce Orders

 AI   Robotics   E-Commerce   Logistics 

Robots have to work extra hard in the logistics to help us, humans, ordering more stuff online (which we probably are going to return anyway 🤷‍♂️). FedEx has installed four robotic arms in Memphis, USA. The arms are sorting small packages and letters and transfer them to conveyor lines. Read more

Canada's Largest Bank is Embracing AI

Photo by Andrew Gook on Unsplash

 AI   FinTech   Banking 

The largest bank in Canada, Royal Bank of Canada, has teamed up with Nvidia, and Red Hat and launched an AI for banking applications. The AI-powered platform has reportedly improved trading execution and insights, helped reduce customer calls and led to faster delivery of new applications for Royal Bank of Canada's clients. Read more

Google Researcher's AI is Rating Prostate Cancer Samples

 AI   Healthcare 

The use of AI in healthcare goes well beyond fighting COVID-19. In a peer-reviewed study, Google researchers claim to have developed a deep learning system that grades prostate cancer with 72% accuracy in biopsies. According to the report, pathologists without prostate cancer training achieve only 58%. Read more

AI /  Blockchain  / IoT / Bioprinted Chicken

Car Wallet Implemented by RIDDLE&CODE and Daimler
Image by Siemens Healthineers

Photo by Samuele Errico Piccarini on Unsplash

 Blockchain   Mobility   Autonomous Vehicles   Identitiy 

When it comes to Daimler and RIDDLE&CODE, the vehicles in the future may feature blockchain-powered identities to communicate with other cars and smart cities. Daimler collaborated with the blockchain pioneers RIDDLE&CODE to implement a blockchain-based hardware car wallet. The car wallet can establish a tamper-proof digital identity. Read more

PayPal is Rumored to Introduce Crypto Trading

 Blockchain   Crypto   FinTech  

If this rumor proves true, this could become the biggest hope for the mass adoption of crypto since Facebook's Libra. According to an article on Coindesk, PayPal is planning to launch cryptocurrency trading through a partnership with stable coin operator Paxos. Read more

Government Bonds on Blockchain

Photo by Eugenio Pastoral on Unsplash

 Blockchain   FinTech   Investment 

Philippine Bureau of the Treasury and UnionBank are distributing government bonds on the blockchain. 77% of citizens of the Philippines are still unbanked. Blockchain-based government bonds shall make this investment opportunity accessible for these unbanked citizens by reducing time and costs during the verification and settlement processes. Read more

Signature Bank's Blockchain-based Payment Platform Contributed to the $8 Billion Growth

 Blockchain   FinTech   Banking 

In the time PayPal may be preparing for its crypto trading product Signature Bank is already reaping profits from its blockchain-based digital payment platform Signet. According to a recent report, 2.5% of Signature Bank's $8 billion deposit growth is related to Signet. Every little helps. Read more

Report: Blockchain Real Estate Industry by FIBREE

 Blockchain   PropTech 

Foundation for International Blockchain and Real Estate Expertise recently published a very comprehensive report on Blockchain in PropTech. Read more

AI / Blockchain /  IoT  / Bioprinted Chicken

Verizon Works with Microsoft to Deploy IoT Solutions

Photo by Brian Suh on Unsplash

 IoT   Supply Chain 

Verizon is collaborating with Microsoft to enable the creation and deployment of complete end-to-end IoT solutions. Verizon’s IoT platform ThingSpace and 5G/LTE are used with Microsoft Azure IoT Central to provide a holistic IoT solution. American multinational corporation IT Cognizant is using this solution for cold storage in food and pharmaceutical supply chains. Read more

Smart Lighting for Social Distancing

 IoT   PropTech 

IoT company Enlighted offers a smart lighting system that maps motion trail patterns and helps recognize densely populated areas in the office. Read more

TeamViewer Taps into IoT With a Strategic Acquisition

 IoT   AR   Industry 4.0 

You may know TeamViewer as a leading software for computer remote control. However, TeamViewer is also active in IoT. Recently TeamViewer acquired wearable computing and augmented reality (AR) company Ubimax in the first transaction in TeamViewer's history. It's aimed at offering a one-stop-shop for securely connecting devices, workers, and processes in Industry 4.0. Read more

AI / Blockchain / IoT /  Bioprinted Chicken  

KFC is Testing Bioprinted Chicken

Photo by Aleks Dorohovich on Unsplash

 Bioprinting   Food 

Okay, now to the reason why you scrolled all the way down. And let me tell you this: it's so worth it. KFC is bioprinting chicken nuggets in Russia this fall. The food chain giant is testing this solution with the startup 3D Bioprinting Solutions to produce chicken nuggets that would taste like real meat for a fraction of a cost. Read more

, I hope you enjoyed this briefing. If you liked it – share it with innovation enthusiasts in your network. Have a great week and see you next week!

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