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Join us October 15 to 18, 2020
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Greetings Bouchercon Friends,

We are getting very excited here in Sacramento as details of Bouchercon 2020 are being finalized. As we progress, we’ll be sending you more information on the convention, the guests who are coming, and things to do in and around Sacramento.

What’s on the Website
Visit us now!

Between newsletters, keep up with developments on our website: and on our social media platforms. Here are just a few of the useful website headings:

  • Attendees (a growing list). Click on this heading to see if your friends are registered yet. You’ll also find an option that will give you a list of mystery authors who are attending, with links to their websites. The schedule of all the presenters will come together as the convention nears.
  • Visit Sacramento. This links to some things to see in the city, including tips on transportation to your hotel when you arrive.
  • Bouchercon 2020 anthology’s specific guidelines. If you are a a writer as well as a reader, consider submitting a short story for the convention anthology California Schemin’. It will feature stories by the convention’s guests of honor, Scott Turow, Walter Mosley, Anne Perry, Anthony Horowitz, Cara Black, and Catriona McPherson, as well as –you?
  • Links to your favorite sites for updates on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and our YouTube channel Bouchercon 2020 – Sacramento.
  • Promotional Flyer. If you want to convince friends to join you, flash them the flyer. It’s under the Welcome heading.
How Do You Get Here?

You’ve registered, now you have to arrange those logistical details. First, traveling to California’s capital city.

Fly in directly

Sacramento International Airport has flights arriving on Aeromexico, Air Canada, Alaska, American, Delta, Frontier, Hawaiian, Horizon, Jet Blue, Southwest, United, and a variety of regional carriers. The airport is ten miles northwest of the city, about a twenty-minute drive. Options on getting to your hotel can be found on the website under Visit Sacramento, then one of its descriptions, Transportation.

Take the Train

Do you dread the hassle that comes with air travel these days? Give it up and climb aboard the iron horse for your trip west (unless you’re in San Francisco; then go east). You’ll arrive at the historic Sacramento Valley Station, recently restored to its 1926 glory, about ten blocks from the Bouchercon 2020 convention site. What will you do as the train chugs toward the adventures of Bouchercon 2020? Elementary, my dear traveler. Read mysteries, of course.

Drive here.

The pleasure and convenience of this depends on where you start. One sign along Hwy 80 giving distance to cities reads “Ocean City Maryland 3073.” If you really enjoy road trips you’d see the USA. The drive over the Sierras is lovely and easy in early October.

What Else Can You Do in Sacramento?

Details of our official Bouchercon excursions are being finalized, but some options are likely to be on the official list and are easily accessible to you on your own:

Sacramento Old Town. Our Bouchercon hotels are on Thirteenth Street. Old Sacramento is where the numbers begin (though the first street is called Front Street). It is, in short, only thirteen blocks away. It is on the Sacramento River. They describe themselves this way: “Old Sacramento is the riverfront historic district, with Gold Rush-era buildings, cobblestone streets, and horse-drawn carriages.” Its wooden sidewalks lead to shops, restaurants, and museums. The Firehouse is one of the city’s elegant places to dine, but if you prefer casual, other options abounds.

California State Train Museum. If you have time while you’re in Old Sacramento, remember you’re at the western end of the Transcontinental Railroad and visit the California Railroad Museum ( Even people who are not too fond of museums love this one. You actually climb aboard vintage passenger cars and one of the original mail cars. And you can watch model trains travel through elaborate dioramas.

State Capitol Tour. The Capitol is located directly across the street from the Hyatt. Public tours are conducted daily. Leave yourself time to wander through the greenery to see multiple trees from throughout the state, most of them labeled, and visit the World Peace Rose Garden as you near 15th Street.

Old Sugar Mill Winery. A visit to wine country is planned as an official option. It will take people to the Old Sugar Mill Winery, which hosts fifteen unique wineries from northern California. This will take about four hours. Space will be limited, since the winery is in Clarksburg, outside the city center. Watch for details.

What Else Can You Do Nearby?

One nickname for Sacramento is “You can get there from here.” If you have the time, add a few days onto your trip to visit nearby sites. Here’s the scoop in drive time:

  • Two hours to San Francisco
  • One and a half hours to Berkeley
  • Two hours to Lake Tahoe
  • Two hours to Reno
  • One-and-a-half hours to Sonoma wine country
  • A lovely three-and-a-half hours to Yosemite National Park (check with the Park for any entry restrictions)

Four hours to Cabot Cove, Maine, a.k.a. Mendocino, the Pacific coast city that played the role of Cabot Cove in Murder, She Wrote. See Jessica Fletcher’s house, Noyo Harbor, and the beautiful town of Mendocino It’s lovely drive up Highway One along the Pacific Ocean if you choose that route.

Want More? Volunteer!

Get the full Bouchercon experience: be a volunteer. It’s a great way to see inside the convention process and to make new friends. Our thanks to those of you have already signed up as volunteers. We hope others of you will join them. Volunteers are needed to help with registration and hospitality, to be room monitors, to work in the Book Bazaar, and more. To join this exclusive group, check "Yes, I want to volunteer" on the registration form.

If you've already registered, send an email to: or

Our Sponsors

Bouchercon 2020 is grateful to have sponsors who help fund various convention costs. Our thanks to these generous business, groups, and individuals. We will introduce you to more of them in future emails. One sponsor is Simon and Schuster, who shared the information below:

“It’s the best book I’ve read in a decade”-Mystery Mike Bursaw

Deep State, the debut thriller by Hollywood screenwriter Chris Hauty, is a twisty, roller coaster ride set in politically charged Washington, D.C. It “stars” former Army boxer turned White House intern Hayley Chill who helps uncover a plot to assassinate the president.

Read it before Bouchercon 2020 and review it on Goodreads; you’ll be entered to win one of 50 Advanced Reader Copies of Chris Hauty’s next book.

Bouchercon 2020

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