2020 Is Feeling Like A Haze
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Ain't This Some...

It's July. I'm sorry, but what happened to June? Like it was taking forever, but then someone Time Warped and now it's July. Ain't this some...

Also who's surprised I got a July newsletter out? Don't be shy because I know I am. It's going to be a brief one since I don't have much.

Something not even book or DJ Small related, but Dua Lipa...give her a try. My go to for the moment. Her and Tove Lo's Sunshine Kitty (Paw Prints Edition). What can I say, I enjoy my pop.

P.S. - I would recommend viewing the newsletter in your browser by clicking the link at the top. For some unfathomable reason, the newsletter isn't displaying correctly in email clinets. I blame the survey.

Fate Unseen

Ugh...this project is the bane of my existence. Sometimes I feel like I'm going places with it, and at other times I feel like it is never ending. This book has messed with my psyche. I'm hoping I can dive back into editing this week so I can get it out by the skin of 2020's teeth, but considering this year, who the eff knows. If I do, it will be nothing short of a miracle. 

TL:DR: I'm working on it.

Smashword Sale!

July 1st marked the start of the annual Smashwords Summer/Winter sale, and I like to participate in it because Smashwords honestly doesn't get enough credit. They offer a lot of features for for indie and self-published authors and don't try to hold your book hostage to utilize all the features unlike some places....

I was only going to participate in the sale until the 18th, but I had an idea, which brings me to my next point.

All my books are 50% off on Smashwords, but each week there will be a free book. This week's free bookk is Murderous Profession, next week will be Avery Lawson: The Last Pureblood.  I'll announce the free book each Sunday on Twitter, so be on the look out for it.

I'm Doing A Poll....

I don't like to put books on Kindle Unlimited because I have to take it down every where else and I'm locked into giving Amazon exclusivity for three months. However, I'm going to enroll one book into Kindle Unlimited after the Smashwords sale for some exposure.

I'm going to make this a readers' choice thing so participate in the poll and let me know which book you would like to see on Kindle Unlimited starting in August. I'll tally up the numbers on July 30th and announce the book on August 1st. 

FYI: A new page will open for the survey.

Plot, Plot, Scheme, Scheme

I'm outlining my next book, and it's so nice to be working on something that isn't Fate Unseen. The fact that I can't bite the bullet and muscle through this round of editing is frustrating. So, to be working on what I'm tentatively calling "The Plumber's Daughter" is wonderful because it's a fluffy, small-town romance that's going to be minimal angst, and I really need this. Not because I'm trying to prove that I can write actual romance, but because it puts me in a different state of mind which is a refreshing change of pace.

Told y'all it was going to be a brief one. Main take away from this month's newsletter is the Smashwords sale. Go get yourself, a friend, or even an enemy a book. I might post another Swift chapter on Patreon. That is TBD.

If you do get one of my books on Smashwords, leave a review on there. I have reviews on Amaznon and Goodreads, but not on there. It's weird so it'd be nice to have some.

This brings me to my monthly reminder, remember to review the books you read especially those that are published by indie and self-published authors.

I guess that it until....*squints at calendar* August? What in the hell? Smash Mouth was right. The years keep coming and they don't stop coming....sigh.

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