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Cool news to lead this month.  So I shall jump right into it.

Doctor Who Online Sponsorship

The folks at Doctor Who Online reached out to me when they saw one of my Twitter blasts for a Bookfunnel promotion.  They liked my new cover and my updated summary blurb. 

Repenter and my other to-be-released books will be sponsoring the fan website for the next year.  The books should be showing up soon on the website.

Feel free to give it a visit at www.drwho-online.co.uk.

Doctor Who is a bit of a blind spot for me.  If you have a recommendation for the best place to start and the best Doctor, I'd love to hear it.

Players of the Game Series Updates

Repenter is re-released this month with a fantastic new cover.

I have finished the latest draft of The New Players: Origins bonus content anthology.

Right now, I'm going through the rewriting process on Book 4: The Breakers.  I have a decent rough draft, but it still has miles to go.

The Brigands will be getting it's re-release in September.  And many bonus content books shall follow.

In the meantime, if you haven't grabbed the main Repenter book yet, you can grab it with the button below in Kindle or Paperback format.

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August Recommendations

Palm Springs on Hulu

This movie is fantastic.  It's a time loop movie where Andy Samberg is already in the time loop when the story begins.  He's stuck at a wedding in Palm Springs.  Cristin Milioti (aka the Mother from How I Met Your Mother) plays a self-destructive sister of the bride.  They are hilarious together.  JK Simmons is fantastic as another time loop victim.  I do believe this is as good a Groundhog Day.  That's right.  As.  Good.  Give it a watch.  It's a great date movie too.

The Old Man's War Series by John Scalzi

I'm working on The End of All Things currently.  A very compelling read throughout the whole thing.  Humanity makes use of elderly volunteers to fight in colonial wars against other aliens in exchange for extending their life span.  Captain Perry and Lt. Wilson are fun POV characters.


And finally, feel free to give these promos a gander.  Lots of free books and excerpts await you.

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Monsters and Demons

Art of the Arcane's Soldiers of SFF Giveaway

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