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Hello ,

One of my big ambitious goals for 2020 was decluttering my overstuffed bookshelves. 

This holiday-prep-in-progress pic gives you a sense of how well that went (not well):

Li Yun in front of her bookshelves one of which holds a Charlie Brown tree.

Lockdown squashed so many plans (including writing projects). I had to switch gears fast when childcare went out the window.

The one thing that helped me pivot quickly and less painfully was that I had already reflected, set intentions, and charted an ambitious but reasonable course for my 2020 Writing Life back in January.

When it became clear I had to let go of a lot to focus on my sanity and keeping everyone alive, I turned to those plans and quickly reprioritized. 

I only published two new pieces in 2020.

Know why I don’t feel like crap about that?

Because it was an intentional choice I made when ish hit the fan.

I intentionally let go of revising & submitting. 

I focused instead on other areas of my writing life that felt more easeful in this stage of my personal life (postpartum, in grief — Papi passed away Dec 2019) and in this current historical moment

If publication had been my only measure of success going into the year, 2020 would have been a bust. 

But publication was only one metric, and by many other accounts 2020 was a stellar Writing Life year for me because I:

  • Offered three email series for my writing community (#PoetryPause, Author Platform Mistakes, and #WT2020),
  • Taught a new cohort of writers how to build their first author websites,
  • Raised funds for Women Who Submit and Raising Mothers,
  • Prepared the Write Your 2021 workbook, 
  • Earned extra income,
  • Appeared in some virtual readings, 
  • AND I even published two new pieces! 

Oh and through all of that my two littles under 5 are alive and hubs and I still enjoy each other's company! #winning

As we approach 2021, I invite you to set yourself up for a successful new year (however you define successful) by completing my workbook for Writers & Creatives:

Write Your 2021: Reflect, Set Intentions, and Chart a Course for Your Writing Life.

In the coming weeks, please give yourself the gift of time to reflect on 2020 and set intentions for 2021. 

I promise: you won't regret investing in yourself, and your intentional reflecting and planning might just save your behind when those 2021 curveballs come your way.

I'd love to help guide you: Write Your 2021: Reflect, Set Intentions, and Chart a Course for Your Writing Life.

Picture of Li Yun Alvarado

P.S. Sharing is Caring! Please forward this email to a writer friend who could use the workbook.

P.P.S. I know times are tough, so I've kept the workbook plus bonuses (see below) super affordable for you.

P.P.S. Sneak Peek: you can get the first three worksheet prompts by clicking here and signing up for the email series: #WT2020: 3 Day Guided Reflection on Your 2020 Writing Life.

Write Your 2021:
Reflect, Set Intentions, and Chart a Course for Your Writing Life
A Workbook for Writers & Creatives

Write Your 2021:

Reflect, Set Intentions, & Chart a Course for Your Writing Life

until January 6, 2021

Writers & Creatives,

It's time to ditch the resolutions

Instead, use the step-by-step process outlined in this workbook to reflect, set intentions, and chart a (strategic) course for your writing life.

As you work through these worksheets you'll feel inspired by what you've already accomplished, clear on what you want to achieve moving forward based on your personal goals (not FOMO), and confident that you have the tools and the plan to: Make It Happen!

Learn More
Bonus 1: Write Your Year Resources Library

$25 Value

When you purchase the workbook, you'll also gain access to a resource library full of links to materials to help you go deeper in your reflection, intention setting, and course charting. 

Bonus 2: Live Debrief in February via Zoom

$75 Value

Because community and accountability can help us reach our big ambitious goals even faster, I'm hosting a Live Debrief via Zoom in February for anyone who purchases the Write Your 2021 workbook.

During the call we'll share our discoveries, intentions, and Writing Life plans. If you are unable to attend Live, you'll have access to the replay. You'll receive all the details for logging into the call in January.

Bonus 3: Write Your Year Community


Sharing your wins and your intentions can make them feel more real. The Write Your Year Community gives you a dedicated place to share your takeaways with others who are also Reflecting, Setting Intentions, and Charting a Course for their Writing Lives.

But you don't have to take my word for it...

Here's what folks have said about following my Write Your Year process:

Jenise Miller Tweet reads: Highly recommend Li Yun's planning guides & resources for writers (and artists in general). Helped me set and keep track of writing goals, purpose, etc. Check them out at the link below.
Jenise Miller tweet reads: Yup. Someone asked why my college degrees were not framed/on the wall- I was confused. My family didn't celebrate anything. This year, I used a writing goal sheet from @liyunalvarado & it includes listing how/when you will celebrate every benchmark. It's been super helpful.

"I feel more confident having plotted things out, validated, and flexible but intentioned. I’ve already crossed out obligations in my calendar in favor of more writing time. And it felt so generous to center these around quarterly celebration."

"Reflecting on the past year helped me realize how much I accomplished. Then the focus on setting up intentions for the next year made me realize how much I can do this year."

"I absolutely loved the holistic approach to goal-setting in the workshop! Up until that point, I had only ever set career goals or your typical New Year's Resolution type goals, but Li Yun helped us to set goals in all areas of our lives—marriage, family, travel, writing, and, of course, career—and that made all the difference in the world since the overarching goal for me is always to integrate my work into my life, into my dreams. A beautiful experience!"

I want that workbook!
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