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A Permanent Record

Hey , long time no see!

Truth is that for the last weeks or even months I have been so occupied with working for others rather than for myself that I almost forgot how it feels like to put out personal content. And damn, I have been missing this!

I still have projects like a university "Day In My Life" video that has been stuck for weeks without progress. And I honestly still feel a bit too occupied with my current work I am doing for others to make much progress. But I will start small by resurrecting this newsletter :D

In any case, here is a quick rundown of what I have been up to:

- I joined a startup called Cuppa which is a digital bulletin board in the form of an app making spontaneous activities possible

- I spent hours to finally create a completely new website for a professional appearance. Let me know what you think. Website is

- I also am currently helping out with the website of Viet Make It after they approached me. They are a Vietnamese NGO based in the Netherlands that puts out content about professional development and personal growth. Website:

- Besides my research assistant job at TUM and the aforementioned projects I am currently in my 3rd semester switching my location from Heilbronn to Munich.

- Lastly, I have been running extensively since June, at least 3 times a week usually. (Here's my progress if you are interested.)

So yeah, in the end, I have been taking up a lot of responsiblites and what I would maybe call "professionally smart moves", i.e. doing things that would benefit your résumé or wallet. But is it really what I want? Have you perhaps been sacrificing more of your time for intensive studying or working for other people than you wanted? My advice would be for you to reflect on this and take some time aside for doing something that you have always wanted to do but kept pushing aside because you felt too guilty to temporarily let go of your work.

Screenshot of Cuppa website

Have a great week!


My Favorite Things

1 - Video It's generally difficult to recommend videos since they are often niche or based on topics that not everyone understands or is into. However, I love this one and you may too: "Shyāma (3D animated short film)". It was a Bachelor project made by Lynn Huberty, a German creative. The incredibly stunning science fiction short film depicts a dystopian scenario for the future of humanity. If you like this 3-minute short, then I would highly recommend the even greater masterpieces by the legend melodysheep, which in my opinion should be fully appreciated/experienced via the big screen on your laptop or computer, rather than on mobile.

2 - Book I recently finished reading Permanent Record by Edward Snowden. An autobiograhpy that tells the story of the man who in 2013 revealed the dirty secrets of mass surveillance by the United States government. The US was pursuing the means to collect every single phone call, text message and email. Many of these global surveillance programs were run by the NSA and the Five Eyes with the cooperation of telecommunication companies and European governments.

(Without you knowing, they could be following your screen right at this very moment if they wanted to, reading in parallel with you or see what you are typing onto the keyboard live. The greater threat though is the collection of metadata, i.e. what is interesting is not so much the content of your messages but the peripheral data of your activities with which they can know more about you than you know about yourself being able to make predictions of behaviour and more. Such technolgy can be exploited commercially by companies but it can also be used to silence/censor people who are "against the norm". No matter what you do, there is a permanent record of you, your actions including mistakes won't be forgotten and can be turned against you. Of course, by "can", I mean it is already being done.)

The book really was an incredibly insightful read und surprsingly funny at times despite its serious topic that is the freedom of our speech.

3 - Podcast Just as a bonus, if you are interested in Permanent Record or about the mass surveillance etc, but dont't want to buy any book, you can also enjoy the podcast by Joe Rogan with Edward Snowden. The first appearance and the second appearance. Fun fact: The first one got 18 million views on YouTube only, while the the second one just 2 months ago got over 9 million people interested. And this is not including other platforms and the short clips.

Quote of the week

“Arguing that you don't care about privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different from saying you don't care about freedom of speech because you have nothing to say.”

- Edward Snowden, Permanent Record

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