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August 2019


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It's time for another newsletter from your dental team at Hamilton Dental Designs.  We hope that you have been enjoying a fun and productive summer so far.  This month we have some announcements, helpful back to school lists, and our monthly team member feature.  Enjoy!

Jose Gil, DMD
Jose Gil, DMD
Patient Appreciation Night

We've said it before, and we'll say it again - we LOVE our patients!  To thank you for placing your trust in the team at HDD, we have been busy planning our second annual patient appreciation event.  This year, HDD will be taking you out to the movies!  Make sure to follow our social media pages for information when we release the details.  

August 22nd
National Tooth Fairy Day

We recognize National Tooth Fairy Day this month on August 22nd.  Although the compensation rate has changed drastically over the years, the tooth fairy has been visiting homes since the mid-1920s.  In 1975, a national survey revealed an average rate of $0.15 per tooth.  Last year, the rate had climbed all the way to $4.13.  Rest easy, parents.  Things are starting to swing the other way.  This year, the poll averaged at $3.70 for each pearly white.

Team Member Spotlight

Melissa joined the HDD team in June 2018 and is one of our extraordinary hygienists.  She has worked in dental hygiene for 17 years and before that as a dental assistant so she has much experience and expertise.  She excels at building trust and developing relationships with patients and truly enjoys this aspect of her job.  Outside of the office, Melissa loves spending time with her husband and two children as well as running with their two dogs, Finny and Kia.

Back to School Checklist

It's that time of year again - time to buy those new backpacks, sharpen those pencils, and get back into the school routine.  In case you're overwhelmed and afraid you'll forget something, we've linked a comprehensive list from Good Housekeeping.  The lists cover every grade from kindergarten through college, and most supplies are linked from Amazon.  Hope it helps!

School Supplies

Dr. Gil celebrated his birthday last month with a lovely cake from the HDD team.  Check out the instagram post below!

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hamiltondentallvPlease help us in wishing our wonderful Dr. Gil a very happy birthday! Dr. Gil cares so deeply for his staff and his patients, and he's always dancing around the office cracking jokes, singing songs, and bringing smiles to our faces. 🎉Happy Birthday, Dr. Gil!!🎉 #HappyBirthday #HDD #HamiltonDentalDesigns #DrJoseGil #LehighValley #GeneralDentistry #ImplantDentistry #CosmeticDentistry
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Digital Housekeeping

Our computer system is autoprogrammed to batch out patient reminders if you haven't been to see us in a while.  Have you received one?  As we continue to refine this process, please know these are simply nudges to get your oral care back on track.  We're always happy to help you in prioritizing your smile!

Hamilton Dental Designs : Jose A. Gil, DMD
10:39 AM - Jul 10, 2019

Did you know this interesting fact about snoring? Do you find it to be true for you? 😴 #HDD #HamiltonDentalDesigns #DrJoseGil #LehighValley #GeneralDentistry #ImplantDentistry #CosmeticDentistry

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