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Angela and I started BlackHer to put Black women in "the center of the miracle" because like so many of us, we were tired of being unseen, undervalued, underestimated, and under-compensated, especially in the workplace.

Since profiling our first BlackHer Shero (Bernice Gaines aka Angela's mom) in January 2018, we've had the immense privilege of showcasing over 100 BlackHer Sheroes leading in politics, philanthropy, economics, education, journalism, healthcare, organizing, finance, and more!

We aren't alone.

In recent years, more media outlets, nonprofits, and corporations are elevating and following our lead. They are beginning to realize that centering the experiences, skills, and needs of Black women increases the well-being of all Americans. 

Our rising tide lifts all boats.

Janelle Jones, managing director of policy and research for Groundwork Collaborative and our BlackHer Shero of the Week, puts it this way,

"...if Black women - who, since our nation's founding, have been among the most excluded and exploited by the rules that structure our society - can one day thrive in the economy, then it must finally be working for everyone."


We're excited to continue to highlight y(our) successes and close the gaps we face in income, wealth, health, education, and politics once and for all!

In love and solidarity,


BlackHer Shero of the Week

Our BlackHer Shero of the Week is Janelle Jones, managing director of policy and research for Groundwork Collaborative.

Jones recently coined the term, “Black Women Best,” to identify a new framework that centers Black women in order to advance an equitable economy. 

I caught up with her to learn more about her work to build an economy that works for us.

Check her out!

Black Women Best

  • Guaranteed Income and Direct Cash Transfers
  • Hazard Pay
  • A Federal Jobs Guarantee and Living Wage
  • A Single-Payer Health Care System
  • Guaranteed Sectoral Bargaining
  • Extending Fundamental Labor Law Protections

These are just a few of the policy proscriptions that we need to enact to increase prosperity for Black women and enable the US to " rectify its racist and sexist economic structures."

Learn more in Black Women Best: The Framework We Need for an Equitable Economy, an important new paper by Janelle Jones, Kendra Bozarth, and Grace Western.

Corporate America Stole $50B from Black Women in 2017.

A new report by Michelle Holder, assistant professor of economics at John Jay College shows that Black women lost approximately $50 billion in wages in 2017 alone!

"The findings from this research suggest that African American women’s labor power is largely undercompensated by employers, with tangible implications for income and asset-building in the Black community."

Learn more!

An Amazing Win for Assemblywoman Weber!

In the dumpster fire of the last week, you may have missed this exciting news. California Governor Gavin Newsom has signed a bill to study and advance reparations in The Golden State.

AB 3121: California Commission to Study the Impact of Slavery in California was written by Assemblywoman Shirley Weber and is another great example of why #RepresentationMatters.

Learn more about the passage of this historic bill, which we hope will become a model for the nation in this article In the Los Angeles Times

One Billion for Black Girls

Grantmakers for Girls of Color has launched the Black Girl Freedom Fund to invest $1B over the next 10 years in Black girls and young women.

Check them out and donate if you can!

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Listen to Sweet Honey and the Rock sing Ella's Song.

In love and solidarity,

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