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Paul J Bennett's Medieval Musings
October 10, 2020

On the Homefront

Wargames at the table with Paul

One of the interesting things about running a role-playing game is the vast number of situations that players find themselves in. At the conclusion of our session a couple of weeks ago, the players agreed to help attack a small outpost, which would be carried out the week after. Rather than let this be resolved by a series of die rolls, I decided to break out my miniature figures and let them play it out as a one-to-one encounter. (though admittedly they were outnumbered.)

To supplement this, I have a roll-up map with hexagons superimposed over it. I used some water-soluble markers to mark out the various landmarks, then placed the enemy combatants. At this point, I placed the figures representing the players and let the action commence. It was an interesting skirmish, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience, so much so that I may have to haul out more miniatures from my collection.

I think I may have just unleashed a group of budding generals.

This review for Tempered Steel humbled me. 

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This Week's Review: Jann - TV series

Jann is a relatively new Canadian comedy starring Jann Arden. For those not familiar with Canadian culture, she is a singer/songwriter and multiple award-winning entertainer. In this show, which airs on CTV (or Crave if you’re streaming), she plays a fictionalized version of herself. The main difference is that, unlike in real life, she portrays a version of herself that is obsessed with her own stardom and eager for a return to glory. The first season consists of only six episodes, while the second, being released weekly, will consist of eight.

Jann firmly places tongue in cheek while poking fun at stardom and what it means to be famous, particularly in Canada. It also features a number of cameos from well-known Canadian entertainers, such as Sarah McLaughlin and Rick Mercer. The humour can be quite outrageous, and Arden is not above poking fun at her own expense.

On a more sober note, she also tackles some more serious subjects, inspired by her own experiences, but the overall tone of the show is light and amusing.

Fans of Schitt’s Creek (another great Canadian export) will likely find this show to be quite entertaining, but those of you that are not Canadian may miss some of the nuances. It has definitely become regular watching for us.

A Look Back at Fate of the Crown

Fate of the Crown brings the overall story arc of the first series of books to a conclusion. As such, it spells out a military campaign in some detail, but the most important part of all was the role that each character plays in its resolution, especially the mages.

It’s not the first book to feature the use of magic in a battle, but the siege of Wincaster required a far different take on spells than my previous stories. As I had already revealed in previous books, magic is powerful against individuals but has only limited use against large numbers of troops. Used carefully, however, it can spell the difference between victory and defeat.

Even with magic on their side, victory could not have been achieved without the help of their army; common soldiers who put their lives on the line in the service of their princess. This story, perhaps more than any other, reflects their sacrifice.

Book of the Week

'Wonderful characters, and masterful world-building, action and intrigue, all with a depth of emotion rarely seen in fantasy novels! Couldn't put it down, and you won't either.' - Maurice J

Fate of the Crown: From lonely little girl… to the people's princess. She is the last hope of a kingdom crushed under the heel of tyranny.

At first alone in the world, everything changed the day she met Gerald; once a forgotten old warrior, now the General of her army.

With the aid of those willing to sacrifice their lives for the cause of good, she prepares to wage war against her brother, a king more corrupt than even her dead father.

All her life has led up to this. Now, they seek to unite the ancient races in a desperate race to win the crown before the Dark Queen enslaves them all. 

Fate of the Crown is the fifth book in the Heir to the Crown medieval fantasy series. If you like unexpected twists, chuckling under your breath, and shedding the occasional tear, then you will love Paul J Bennett's tale of a princess who fights for her people.

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Work in Progress Update

This week I began work on Warrior Knight. This consisted mainly of taking my existing outline and expanding it by breaking it down into chapters. Then, for each chapter, I describe the sequence of events and, in some cases, adding snippets of dialogue that come to mind. In Temple Knight (which runs parallel to this story), the main character is introduced to a number of fellow members of the order. Warrior Knight, however, requires a different approach. Thus was born the concept of Cyn and Siggy.

Cyn (short for Cynthia) is a mercenary, as is her companion, a large man by the name of Sigwulf (Siggy for short, though only she can call him that). There were two things that influenced the decision to include them. One was the approach that I used in Ashes, when I introduced Kargen and Laruhk, the idea of firm friends that have known each other for quite a while. The other was the disparity in size, influenced by the tales of Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser by Fritz Leiber.

That doesn’t mean that they are only present for comedic relief, however. They are professional soldiers, dedicated to making a life for themselves in their chosen profession. How do they meet our hero? You’ll have to wait and see, but I’m certainly looking forward to writing it.

Until next time, here's another excerpt from

The Frozen Flame: Book Three


All night long, the Orcs moved north, their most skilled hunters bringing up the rear, carefully hiding their tracks. The elderly went first, accompanied by Shaluhk, who led the way, Agar once more on her shoulders. Orcs are a hardy breed, but the pace soon wore on them, and more than one elder had to be helped along the way.

Shaluhk found herself wishing she had mastered her magic, making her able to summon warrior spirits to assist, but it was too late now. Her mistress, Uhdrig, was dead, and with her went any chance of learning new magic.

She paused, watching as Kragor picked up an elder. The hunter placed him across his massive shoulders and moved on, bearing the burden with quiet dignity. The entire escape felt desperate, and she wondered, not for the first time, of the wisdom of this strategy. Would not the Humans see the ruse for what it was? Shaluhk shook her head. No, it would work. She had faith Kargen had made the right choice, the only choice he could, given the circumstances. They would continue their trek northward. It was all that was left to them.

Want to know how big little Agar has gotten?

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