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Nancy Bacon Consulting

February 2020

A monthly resource exploring ideas and resources at the intersection of learning, leadership, and nonprofits.  

Dear Friends: 

This is my first newsletter, so I wanted to add a note of welcome. I have been sharing news about my change in focus in 2020. I am excited to stay connected! Please let me know if there is any way I can support you.


New resource to help you design action-focused learning
Hot off the press!
How to Design for Action: New ebook with tips and tools

The people we design learning experiences for don't have time to waste. They are the board members, executive directors, and volunteers of small organizations across the U.S. They are busy making sure people are taken care of, our rights are protected, and our communities are enriched by the arts. 

Design for Action began as a "Train the Trainer" workshop in Seattle. It became a 22-page guide to help you turn information into a curriculum that makes a difference. Download it and see if it helps your next design project.

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Join the "learningful conference" revolution!
You have the power to make your conference a day that makes a difference

Conferences offer you a great opportunity to impact your strategy. "Conferences That Make A Difference" gives you a framework and tools to use in planning your next conference or learning event.

The virtual conference we look forward to all year!
Learning Technology Design Conference

The LTD Conference is an annual highlight for those of us creating meaningful learning experiences for people at work. 

Nancy Bacon and Mark Nilles will be talking about how you can get ready for a powerful learning experience. [Use discount code org100nb or ind50nb to save money on your registration.]

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Nonprofits matter, which is why it is important that we build effective learning tools for them.
KING5 News Feature: Starting and supporting nonprofits

In September 2019, Nancy Bacon spoke on New Day Northwest about strategies for starting, running, and supporting nonprofits. Over four minutes, the interview covers what to think about in starting a nonprofit, what to consider when donating to a nonprofit, and how to consider nonprofits through the upcoming election season.

Resource of the month
How to match images and words for better learning

In nonprofit learning, we work a lot with presenters who use powerpoint. Typically these experts fill their slides with words and talk their way through their presentation. Oliver Caviglioli, author of Dual Coding with Teachers, gives us a better way to support learning: use meaningful pictures that reinforce what is being said. This video walks us through how to make this work.

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From the archive
Lessons from Project Runway

I love to sew, which means I fall hard for sewing shows. Project Runway had the perfect blend of learning and inspiration, so imagine how excited I was to discover Next in Fashion (new on Netflix). Nope. Tan France, as sweet as he is, is no Tim Gunn. 

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Nancy Bacon Consulting

Our mission is to revolutionize the role that learning plays in the nonprofit sector. 

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