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How Canada Celebrated Music Monday 2018

Music Monday Survey in Ontario

The Coalition for Music Education in Canada would like to thank you for your participation in Music Monday 2018. On May 7th, hundreds of thousands of students joined forces and raised their voices to “Sing it Together”, a feat that would not have been possible without your contribution.

To fulfill our funding requirements with the Ontario Trillium Foundation, we ask that all participants under the age of 30 who participated in Music Monday complete the following short survey:


Many thanks for your continued support of music education in Canada. We look forward to celebrating with you again in May 2019!

Music Monday Certificates

We want to recognize your school’s participation in Music Monday 2018! Certificates of participation will be available for students, teachers, and all who participated in celebrating the power of music in our lives. A downloadable PDF certificate will be available soon on our website,, or please email for up to three printed certificates per school, to be mailed to your school.

Hockey & Music Winners

Thank you to all teams who entered this year’s Hockey & Music contest! We really enjoyed learning about how schools and communities across the country link both hockey and music, and how the positive effects of music promotes team spirit. The three winners are:

1st Place ($2,000) - Temiskaming Shores Scotiabank Atom C Girls Puckhounds (Engelhart, ON)

2nd Place ($1,000) - Deer Run Danglers (Calgary, AB)

3rd Place ($500) - Hurricanes (Regina, SK)

For more information and to view the winning video submissions, click here.

The Benefits of Music

Music research supports the benefits of learning music for both young and old. Studies show how music creates positive change for multiple demographics, such as the developmental effects of communication skills in infants and focused attention of palliative care patients. Click here for more information.


The NUFISCISUM awards are given to youth who are making a difference in their schools and communities through music. NUFSICISUM (read it backwards!) is in honour of Canadian jazz legend, Phil Nimmons, Canada’s oldest working jazz music educator, who continues teaching music to young people. Congratulations to this year’s NUFSICISUM winners:

Jacob Murray (Quebec, QC)

Aydin Quach (Vancouver, BC)

Janice Kok (Richmond, BC)

Daniel Dudziak (Scarborough, ON)

Nicole Hendriks (Bolton, ON)

Angela Lee (Waterloo, ON)

We look forward to bringing you more information about the winners as well as their school and community achievements as leaders.

Music Canada Announcement

The Coalition joins Music Canada and the Government of Ontario to improve access to quality musical instruments throughout the province. The Three R’s Program; rescue, restore, and reunite, is a program which will allow used instruments to be refurbished and then delivered back in to the classroom for students in school music programs. More information coming soon on how you can become a part of this awesome initiative to increase music in schools. For more information on the announcement, click here.

Youth4Music Canada


Canadian youth inspiring and building community through music


Through the creation of regional, provincial, and national teams, youth leaders are empowered to collaborate in the development of projects that raise the awareness of the benefits of music in our lives.  Led by youth, for youth, through music.

We believe in the power youth voices for music education. The Youth4Music program provides a platform for youth to make a difference in their schools and communities through music. Do you know a youth leader who is passionate about creating change through music? Email to connect this leader to other leaders, locally and across the country. Let’s support youth and positive change for music education.

Wise Voices for Music Toronto

Do you have something to say about music education in Ontario? A series of in-person meetings in Toronto, as well as virtual meetings for the province of Ontario, will be hosted over the month of June for the importance of music in our schools and communities. Wise Voices for Music is intended to provide a platform for discovery, and to coordinate the voices of advocates for learning music.  Working together, community events help coalesce our collective national voice for music education in Canada. Our goals are to learn from each other and to develop local action plans that will ensure learning music is integral to our schools and communities. More information will be posted soon via our social media channels and website. Those interested may contact for more information.

Help us win $10, 000 for the Coalition!

Every $1 you donate to our charity in June via counts as a ballot to help us win $10,000 from the GIV3 Foundation. Please donate today - we really appreciate your help!

Thank you • Merci • Miigwech • kinana'skomitina'wa'w

We are able to do all of this awesome work because of the support from many groups. For a full listing of this support go to Coalition, Youth4Music and Music Monday

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