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ERKI Fashion Show – the most anticipated fashion event of the year – is right around the corner

ERKI Fashion Show 2017

Talented fashion designers, courageous models and fashion-crazed public, rejoice! The 31st edition of the longest-running fashion show in Estonia will take place on 26 May.

This year, ERKI Fashion Show would like to turn people’s attention to the issue of privacy both in the virtual world and our physical surroundings. Security holes, identity theft and the thoughtless sharing of private information are just a few examples of the threats around us that the ERKI fashion show team would like to highlight.

The submission of collection proposals is open! Proposals should be brought to the front desk of the Estonian Academy of Arts building at Estonia pst. 7 or sent by post to the same address. The submission deadline is 28 March at 17:00.

More information regarding the competition rules is available HERE.

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This year’s Golden Needle and Silver Needle fashion awards include several members of the EKA Department of Fashion Design!

Kristel Kuslapuu. Photo by Aleksander Kelpman

  • The nominees of the Silver Spoon include Katrin Aasmaa, a third year student of fashion design at EKA. Watch Katrin’s interview on the Terevisioon morning show!
  • The nominees of the Golden Spoon include Kristel Kuslapuu who graduated from the EKA BA fashion design programme just last spring. View Kristel’s designs here!

Good luck!

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PULSE to conquer Nautica shopping centre both inside and out

On 15 March, the PULSE exhibition of experimental forms by EKA fashion students, which just got back from St. Petersburg, will reveal its full glory at the atrium of Nautica shopping centre at Ahtri 9. The exhibition photos will also swallow up the centre’s gigantic screens both inside and outside the building, igniting red passion in passers-by.

The exhibition will run until 15 April.

EKA scenography student Freda Purik made the costume and stage designs for Richard3

Last weekend, the play Richard3 premièred in the Paide Music and Theatre House featuring costume and stage designs by third year EKA scenography student Freda Purik. The play is a collaboration between the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy, Estonian Academy of Arts, and Paide Music and Theatre House. The next shows will take place on 31 March at 18:00 in Paide and on 2 April at 19:00 at the Russian Theatre in Tallinn.

EKA product design students analysed a drone delivery service in collaboration with Cleveron technology enterprise

EKA product design student Julien Hac. Photo by Liina Lelov

Cleveron, one of the most successful technology companies based on Estonian capital, plans to launch a drone delivery service this year. In collaboration with Cleveron, third year product design students from EKA are looking for design solutions for drone modules that are compatible with Cleveron parcel terminals, in order to create a fully automated delivery system that doesn’t require any manpower to operate.

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61st Flash Talk titled “A bit chilly” and launch of the new Ehituskunst issue

A Bit Chilly, an illustration by Jo Van Den Berghe for Ehituskunst magazine #59

On Thursday 15 March at 18:00, the Estonian Centre of Architecture kindly invites everyone to Sõprus Cinema for a special Flash Talk investigating the demands a chilly climate puts on buildings. What impact has this perpetual back-and-forth between cold and warmth left on the local culture? What is the best way to beat the cold? What can be quarried from the layers of our unconsciousness that are inextricably connected to temperature fluctuation?

The current Flash Talk is inspired by the new issue of Ehituskunst, the EKA Faculty of Architecture’s magazine, which is on sale at the Flash Talk along with the Estonian language reader Ehituskunsti raamatukogu #2: Arhitektuur ja soojusmõõde (Ehituskunst Library #2: Architecture and the Thermal Dimension) for those who are interested in the connections between space and its thermal dimension.

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Good Teaching Seminar asks: how to market and communicate a curriculum?

What kinds of messages circulate about studying at EKA? What is EKA’s reputation like? What is the best way to attract prospective students? How is EKA and its curriculum being marketed? How can one create media visibility for a curriculum? How can we make ourselves understood?

The seminar will look at EKA and the topic of curriculum communication and marketing from the perspective of a teaching staff member and Head of Curriculum. The seminar will take place on 28 March at 14:00–17:00 in room S-103 at Suur-Kloostri 11. Register by 20 March!

The seminar contributors include, among others, communication strategist, film critic and director Ilmar Raag (MA, Ohio University) and EKA Head of Communications Solveig Jahnke (MA, Asbury University).

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“Present-Day Asceticism”, lectures by Hasso Krull

Where are we? What can we do? Can our life be a work of art? These questions will be reflected by Hasso Krull in his two lectures at EKA. The keywords of the lectures are myth and language, food and forest, and war and money.

The open lectures will take place in the Faculty of Fine Arts room 101 at Lembitu 10.

14 March 2018 at 18:00–21:00

21 March 2018 at 18:00–21:00

Briefing on “trading” with artworks made in EKA

Every day, a variety of works is produced at EKA: photos, annual and final projects, books, paintings, sculptures, commissions for enterprises and organisations, and more. At the beginning of every creative activity, parties can agree in writing on the conditions under which the authorship and copyrights of the work are divided and the work will be “traded”.

Issues addressed at the briefing:

  • Who are the authors of the works produced in EKA classes?
  • Which copyrights apply?
  • How are the economic rights divided between students, teaching staff members and EKA?
  • Which copyright agreements are possible in collaboration contracts to avoid future disputes and economic damage?
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Kaisa Maasik’s personal exhibition Your Love Hurts at the Tartu Art House Monumental Gallery

On Thursday 15 March at 17:00, Kaisa Maasik’s personal exhibition Your Love Hurts will open at the Monumental Gallery of the Tartu Art House. The exhibition deals with the issues of domestic and interpersonal violence through the stories of Estonian people. The gallery will become a shared installation space where the audience can reflect upon their own experiences.

The exhibition will remain on view until 8 April.

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Five Visions, an exhibition by interior architecture students at Alexander’s Cathedral in Narva

Makett Narva Aleksandri Suurkirikust

Five Visions, an exhibition by EKA third year students of interior architecture is open at Alexander’s Cathedral in Narva. The spatial solutions for Alexander’s Cathedral were made by five teams as a speciality project during the 2017 autumn semester. The question the students asked concerned what the church space could become.

The exhibition will remain on view until 9 April.

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Revelation of the Dog, a documentary photo exhibition at the EKA Foyer Gallery

On Estonian Mother Tongue Day (14 March) at 18:00, the Revelation of the Dog exhibition curated by artist and photography teacher Kalev K. Vapper will open at the EKA Foyer Gallery at Estonia pst. 7. The exhibition will present the outcomes of the Open Academy documentary photography course.

Documentary photographers displayed at the exhibition: Airi Leon, Birgit Varblane, Liina Uuetoa, Marit Linke, Terje Äkke, Urmas Roos, Mark Slavin, Sven Tupits, Igor Zujev and Vallo Vahesaar.

Jürgen Rooste and Kalev K. Vapper will make a presentation dedicated to Mother Tongue Day at the opening – a brief stop at the Kristjan Jaak Peterson poetry marathon taking place all over Tallinn.

NY artist Sheri Wills opened the What Does Light Remember? exhibition at the Draakon Gallery Cellar Hall and supervised a workshop at EKA

What Does Light Remember?, an exhibition by Sheri Wills produced during her stay at the EKA Narva Art Residency, is open at the Draakon Gallery Cellar Hall. The exhibition explores the material essence of captured light, metaphorically investigating its ability to preserve memories and illuminate erased landscapes.

Sheri Wills is a New York artist and faculty member of the Rhode Island School of Design who mainly works in film and video performance as well as installation.

Sheri Will supervised a video and installation workshop entitled “Where is cinema? A post-cinema practice workshop” at the Faculty of Fine Arts. Within the framework of the workshop, students analysed various practices from the history of light projection and created experimental video and light installations.

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Out of Place, a rental apartment exhibition

First and second year students of the Faculty of Fine Arts opened a self-organised pop-up exhibition titled Out of Place at an empty rental apartment in the Kadriorg district during the past weekend. The two-day exhibition explored what defines the rental apartment as a home, are home and place of residence two different things and what makes a home a home. Young artists addressed issues such as identity, home, the feeling of home and various roles that accompany the change of domicile.

On-going exhibitions:

Urmas Lüüsi isiknäitus “Inimese mõõt” HOP galeriis

The Measure of Man, a personal exhibition by artist and EKA teaching staff member Urmas Lüüs is on view at HOP Gallery at Hobusepea 2, Tallinn.

The exhibition is an installation that is constantly changing throughout its three-week run. At the opening, a process was started that will culminate with a clay and iron sculpture regaining its original material form. Humans die and rot, and likewise, chemical processes will devour the cultural meaning superimposed on the material by the artist. It’s an ode to the supremacy of physical materiality.

The exhibition will run until 20 March.

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I Spy With My Little Eye 2, an exhibition at EKA Gallery

A joint exhibition titled I Spy With My Little Eye 2 of works by EKA glass art master’s students and the Austrian collective SUPRA//STRUKTUR is on view at EKA Gallery.

Participating artists: Maarja Mäemets, Mari-Liis Makus, Annika Mätlik, Sigrid Luitsalu, Kateriin Rikken, SUPRA// STRUKTUR: Marlene Lahmer, Oliver Alunovic, István Antal.

The exhibition is on view until 17 March.

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Leonhard Lapin’s solo show Void and Space at Kumu Art Museum

Leonhard Lapin. Kalev’s Return. 1987. Oil. Art Museum of Estonia

The Void and Space personal exhibition by EKA Professor Emeritus Leonhard Lapin (1947) is open at Kumu Art Museum. The exhibition continues the Estonian art classics series, the earlier editions of which have presented works by Tõnis Vint, Raul Meel, Jüri Okas and Andres Tolts.

The exhibition will remain on view until 13 May.

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Karl-Erik Talvet’s exhibition Bursts of Colour at Estonian War Museum

The Bursts of Colour exhibition by Karl-Erik Talvet, a master’s student at the EKA Chair of Painting, is currently on view at the Estonian War Museum. The painting exhibition is dedicated to the 28th anniversary of the re-establishment of the Estonian Defence League and it will end with an auction, half the proceeds of which will be donated to the Estonian Association of Injured Soldiers.

The exhibition will run until 28 March.

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Paco Ulman’s Wasteland at the Museum of Estonian Architecture

Photo by Paco Ulman

What is the deeper sense of being in a wasteland, and what are people seeking there? What are they attempting to compensate within themselves in such an environment? What does wasteland – a typical interim space in an urban environment – have in excess and what does it lack, such that people are drawn to it time and again? Paco Ulman, EKA teaching staff member, artist and architect, attempts to find answers to these questions with his Wasteland exhibition.

The exhibition will remain on view until 25 March 2018.

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Eve Kask’s solo show 2+2=... at Tartu Art Museum

The 2+2=... exhibition by Eve Kask, Associate Professor at the EKA Chair of Graphic Art, is open on the ground floor of Tartu Art Museum. The exhibition presents the artist’s most outstanding works of recent years and, being located on the border between truth and fiction, is related primarily to the phenomenon of post-truthfulness.

The exhibition will remain on view until 13 May.

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EKA fine arts students and teaching staff members in Vilnius

On 7–9 March, students and teaching staff members of the Faculty of Fine Arts visited Vilnius. It was a collective trip to the Vilnius Academy of Arts, where they met with local faculty members Antanas Šnaras and Konstantinas Bogdanas who introduced the departments of painting and sculpture.

They were welcomed by Spanish artist Daniel Steegmann Mangrané at the Vilnius Contemporary Art Centre, who gave the group a guided tour of his personal exhibition Phantom. In addition, the EKA members visited Autarkia project space – an “artist day care centre” – that functions as a meeting place, restaurant, studio, gallery and more, as well as Delta Mityba, a restaurant-cum-art project that was part of the Lithuanian pavilion at the Venice Biennial.

EKA Department of Animation at MONSTRA in Lisbon

Still from A Chronic Circus, a film by Helen Woolston.

On 8–18 March, the MONSTRA Lisbon Animated Film Festival is taking place in Portugal. Films by four students from the EKA Department of Animation were chosen for the student competition:

Helen Woolston A Chronic Circus (2017)

Äggie Pak Yee Lee Muteum (2017)

Heta Jäälinoja Penelope (2016)

Aili Allas, Anne Mirjam Kraav, Liisi Grünberg The Cycle of Light (2017)

The Cycle of Light was included in the “Best Short Film in MONSTRA à Solta” special programme, which will be screened in various cities across Portugal until December 2018. In addition, a retrospective of films by EKA Professor Priit Pärn and Associate Professor Olga Pärn will be screened at the festival. A selection of films by students of the EKA Department of Animation will be shown, featuring works from the past five years.

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EKA Department of Animation students and teaching staff members in Tampere

The 48th Tampere Film Festival took place in Finland along with Bootcamp. Participants included students from Estonia (EKA Department of Animation and Tallinn University Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School), Finland (Tampere University of Applied Sciences) and China (Communication University of China).

Students were shown around the YLE film studios, workshops and storage, introduced to study and collaboration opportunities, and they participated in workshops and discussions. They also had the chance to attend film festival screenings and meet the directors.

The festival programme included a lecture by Professor Priit Pärn on the nature of lines.

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Solo Jaan Toomik show in Riga

The Theatre of Gestures exhibition by Professor Jaan Toomik, Head of the EKA Chair of Painting, is on view at Mūkusala Art Salon. The exhibition was curated by Andris Brinkmanis and it features a selection of Jaan Toomik’s work from the period of 2008–2018.

The exhibition will run until 12 April.

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Marge Monko’s solo show on view in Budapest and participation at Innsbruck International 2018

The personal exhibition of Professor Marge Monko, Head of the EKA Department of Photography, titled Women of the World, Raise Your Right Hand is on view at Ani Molnár Gallery in Budapest. This is a continuation of her exhibition at Tallinn City Gallery earlier this year.

In addition, Marge Monko is taking part in Innsbruck International 2018. There she is presenting her New Romance (2016) installation and video Dear D (2015).

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Compilation on thermal dimension in architecture

EKA Press has published an Estonian language compilation Arhitektuur ja soojusmõõde (Architecture and the Thermal Dimension) as the second instalment of its Ehituskunst Library series.

The book will be launched on Thursday 15 March at 18:00 at Sõprus Cinema along with the launch of the 59th issue of Ehituskunst magazine at the Flash Talk titled “A bit chilly” organised by the Estonian Centre of Architecture.

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Anti Saar nominated for a Cultural Endowment of Estonia annual award for translating Rancière’s essays

Anti Saar, translator of Esteetika kui poliitika (Aesthetics as Politics), a collection of essays by Jacques Rancière compiled by Neeme Lopp and published by EKA Press, has been nominated for the Cultural Endowment of Estonia annual award for non-fiction translation.

Fingers crossed!

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Estonian Art 20

On Thursday 15 March at 19:00, the Estonian Art magazine will celebrate its 20th anniversary at Kumu Art Museum. The occasion will be marked with the launch of a book, Estonian Art 20. Helen Västrik and Ave Vellesalu, students of the EKA Chair of New Media, will perform an experimental live set with DIY soundboxes at the launch.

For the book, 15 Estonian artists were invited to interview an artist who had influenced their work. Many alumni and teaching staff members of the EKA Faculty of Fine Arts are included in the book, including Jaan Toomik, Krista Mölder, Jaanus Samma, Pille-Riin Jaik, Tanja Muravskaja, Laura Kuusk, Andres Lõo, Raul Keller and many others.

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