IDA promotional display cases - great for sales of drinks, snacks and other packed refrigerated groceries.
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IDA Range - Effective R290 Spot Merchandisers For Greater Sales

Spot merchandisers are vital for any store. Not only do they help increase sales, but also provide a quick and easy shopping experience for the customers. From seasonal products to overstock items, IDA refrigerated merchandisers serve endless possibilities for promoting any type of pre-packaged food or chilled drinks. Designed with nature in mind, IDA range runs on natural refrigerant propane R290. Promote fast-selling foods or on-sale items by placing them in a spot merchandiser of your choice!


Versatile grab & go promotional display chiller provides 360° visibility of the products. Great for exposing products in the areas of an intensive flow of customers. Now even more energy-efficient!

Other features:

  • The display surface and bottom part of stainless steel or painted according to your needs.
  • Reverse-rotation fan operation to blow away collected dust, thus cleaning the condenser coil.


  • Tilt angle inclination by 10°.
  • Can be multiplexed.
  • Can be two-storey stacked for transportation, resulting in cost savings.
  • Glass lid option available.


A self-service counter IDA S H1 model with a shelf is great for driving sales on promotional lines. Designed to be strategically placed around the store, this spot merchandiser is perfect for seasonal products and special offers.


A multi-shelf IDA S H2 model with additional two shelves - a superb option for retailers to promote their produce. Integrated wheels give mobility and the opportunity to locate it wherever your products need to be seen to stimulate impulse grab & go purchases. 

Interested in promotional merchandisers for your store's needs? Reach out via and we will be glad to help you choose!

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