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February 28, 2020 - Issue #95

Project News

Lesson Plans and Learning English with Modern Technology Survey
We invite LINC instructors to use our NEW lesson plans about the use of technology for learning. The in-class activities included in the lesson plans and the online survey were developed to support LINC instructors’ use of Blended Learning in their teaching and foster an understanding of the challenges and opportunities for integration of learning technology. These Blended Learning activities help Newcomers understand the importance of digital literacy and IT in our lives today ...

Administrator and Instructor Survey
LINC administrators and instructors are invited to participate in our 2020 LearnIT2teach LINC Administrator and Instructor Survey. The survey responses will help to inform the LearnIT2Teach project to provide quality resources and services for LINC. This is the third time we are asking for your feedback after 2012 and 2016. We continue to gather information on technology use and on issues that arise in each four-year time span. Reports on the findings of previous surveys can be found here: ,,,

National LMS Update
Development work continues on Avenue, the new national learning management system for IRCC-funded settlement language training programs. Piloting of the site will begin next month and continue through the spring. The site will be launched this September. More information about the site is available on Avenue's front page.

Upcoming Events
Watch for the LearnIT2teach team at these upcoming conferences:

  • BC-TEAL Annual Conference (April 23-25, New Westminster)
  • TESL Sask / SK TEAL 2020 Conference (April 24-25, Regina)
  • TESL Atlantic Conference (April 30-May 2, Halifax)

Web News

Coronavirus is changing the way some language schools do business in Canada
Companies that offer English as a second language are scrambling to meet a surge in online demand ... Efforts to contain the outbreak of coronavirus in China are changing the way language schools do business in Canada, as they scramble to find new teachers and keep up with growing demand from people stuck in quarantine. ...

E-learning in Ontario: Way of the future or an ineffective teaching model?
... The experience of Michigan, along with four other U.S. states with mandatory virtual learning, has produced a mixed body of evidence showing that e-learning in schools can be effective in small doses, but that quality programs are costly. The Ontario government is set to become the first province to make online courses compulsory for high-school students, a policy that has prompted intense debate  ...

Coronavirus quarantine could spark an online learning boom
The spread of the coronavirus disease known as COVID-19 is a public health emergency with economic and social ramifications in China and across the world. While the impacts on business are well documented, education is also facing the largest disruption in recent memory. Institutions around the world are responding to travel bans and quarantines with a shift to online learning. The crisis may trigger an online boom for education – or at least make us more ready to cope with the next emergency. ...

Canadian ESL teachers recruited to teach online courses to Chinese students in quarantine
With millions of Chinese students stuck at home because of school shutdowns and quarantines during the novel coronavirus outbreak, Canadian ESL teachers are being recruited to meet a growing demand for online classes. Some companies have begun offering cash incentives to attract new teaching talent and convince existing Canadian staff to take on heavier course loads. “We’ve seen a lot more action from our schools overseas for the demand for teachers on the online side specifically,” said Dave Frey, chief executive officer of Teach Away, a Toronto-based international teacher recruiting company ...

Cellphones in classrooms contribute to failing grades: Study
Cellphones and laptops can be distracting for students in classrooms, and new research also shows that using electronic devices can even lower students’ grades. Scientists who studied the effects of divided attention in people know that when attention is divided between two tasks, fewer items regarding those tasks may be recalled later ...

Empower learners to self-assess speaking skills
The UK Open University, at the forefront of Moodle development since 2006 (and to whom we dedicated Moodle 3.7) are enthusiastic users of Moodle’s versatile Quiz activity. Keen to encourage oral answers to quiz questions, they have adapted the existing recording feature to create a new “Record audio” question type, giving students the possibility of recording a spoken response. The Record audio question works great with language courses ...


Why Your Classroom Needs eLearning
While it’s true that nothing can replace a talented classroom teacher, every educator could use a little assistance. That help may come in the form of elearning, and it’s something you can – and should – use in your classroom. Elearning serves as an additional resource for your students. When used seamlessly in the classroom, elearning enhances the teacher’s instruction by making the lesson all the more relevant. ...

Email Is Great But Face-to-Face Meetings Are 34 Times More Successful
... Email remains one of the most effective and important marketing channels for brands. It’s even popular among millennials since they don’t enjoy talking to people on the phone. I love email but recent research has found that it may not as persuasive as talking to someone face-to-face. The research was reported in Harvard Business Review and published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. It suggests the success of a face to face is due to the lack of personal connection we experience today. ...

5 Effective Ways Of Improving The Completion Rates For eLearning
Research has it that the average completion rates for an eLearning course are less than 15%. That means that only a small percentage of learners complete online training. For this reason, there’s a need to find effective ways of encouraging learners to complete courses online. To increase the completion rate for eLearning is not a hard thing to do. However, you need to have the necessary tools and know the most effective ways to achieve it. Below are a few ways to improve your course completion rates. ...

Does Your Course Suffer from Learner Burnout?
The biggest challenge of success in online education isn’t selling—it’s support. Online education offers learners many benefits—from increased accessibility, flexibility of schedule, and a wider range of courses than traditional education can support. But it does have a down-side, and that is that many learners who sign up for online courses struggle to complete them. ...

Why emojis and #hashtags should be part of language learning
... Increasingly, a popular avenue for adult language learners is mobile language learning via free or cheap downloaded apps. A number of apps for mobile language learning claim top-market share: Duolingo claims to teach 200 million language learners worldwide; Busuu, 90 million learners; Babbel and Memrise are also major players. I analyzed these four apps for their approach to and treatment of language and language learning. I found that they relied problematically on past models of what language is and what language does. ...


Online ESL Teacher
Six Main Reasons to Be a Teacher at LIKESHUO .... Everyone can find their own unique purpose to join likeshuo! ...

Online ESL Teacher
Our teams in Toronto and Beijing are a passionate and talented group of creative professionals ... A Sino-Canada company which aims to provide online English education service to Chinese students. Our innovative platform is dedicated to sustaining improved teaching services. ...

Professional Development

LearnIT2teach Annotated Bibliography New Resource: Exploring Blended Learning Experiences through the Community of Inquiry (CoI) Framework
This study provides an excellent introduction to the CoI Framework and illustrates how a blended English course was designed based on it after the original course failed to engage students with lectures, video presentations, text-related exercises and academic writing. Both the development of the CoI in the course and the impact of a blended learning approach are examined.

Blended Learning Practice MOOC (Registration is now open)
The goal of the BLP MOOC is to introduce blended learning as an important and rapidly developing form of education, with an emphasis on the benefits it offers to both educators and students, including greater flexibility and convenience, as well as potential increases in learner creativity and independence. The course has been designed to assist teachers and other educational professionals to adopt blended learning strategies through a step-by-step constructivist and design-based approach. ...

OER by Discipline Guide: McMaster University
An Open Education reference of OER listed by subject area and disciplines with McMaster academic programming. ... [It] is an in-progress (open creation) that lists a broad range of open educational resources organized by disciplines at McMaster University.

e-Resource Corner

What Is Good Digital Citizenship?
Some adults and teachers may think young people want to spend all of their time using social media. But a recent survey shows that may not be true. It found that students sometimes want to turn off their electronic devices to get away from the pressure to take part in social media. For the study, researchers led a series of discussions at classes in the United States. They asked young people what they thought about social media. ...

7 Online Tools and Resources to Help You Write a Perfect Essay
Are you a college student looking for a website that helps you write an essay? You are not alone. Writing essays is a difficult job. Any help that comes your way is appreciated. Want to hear the good news? There are various tools and resources available online that help you write a perfect essay. Moreover, there are free essay sites that will write your articles for you! ...

How Celebrities Learn English – 4 Tips from Shakira, Schwarzenegger and Penelope Cruz
Do you think that your English is not fluent enough to survive in an English speaking country? Think again. If you are skeptical, let me tell you a story of someone you almost certainly know. ...

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