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:Lady: Crown speaks with the POSTMASTER OF OUR WORLD: Russell-Jay: Gould-~20-~JULY-~2020.




“What :Russell-Jay: Gould has done is extraordinary & never done before in this magnitude. With his knowledge & construct, he took command & control of the entire world/planet, the fiction construct that was at play against all citizens of the world, he took command & control of it, and [re]substantiated it & mirrored it. He did it in the correct manner, using the correct grammar, using the meaning of the 'word' correctly & with that being done, the fiction government/puppet masters construct, lost all their powers… Genius to say the least” — Lady Crown.

The full story of how :Russell-Jay placed claim over the united States of America by filing a “proper” Title-4 flag in the United Nations in November 1999, during an 18-day window of opportunity when the third international bankruptcy of the United States came to a close and the United States Corporation came to an end. 


~TEXAS, ~76108.

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