Do you give yourself time to plan?

At the start of the year, I added an annual goal around publishing more blog content in 2020.

Yet, if you've been to my website, you'll know I still haven't started. Why?

It's because I dedicated January to planning. Seeing what my audience likes, what posts worked, what other bloggers are doing. Making content clusters and planning out themed months.

I'll dedicate 8.47% of the time to planning out this goal's execution.

As marketers, we're often inclined to jump head-first into creating content. The sales team is pushing "we need something new to show buyers!" Your boss is reluctant to let you not post on Facebook for 2 days straight.

But we need to make sure we resist and make a good plan first. Because setting up a good plan means your goal is already half-done. 


You've got some time for learning today? Here's what you may want to check out:

Innovation Explorer
Reminder: Last day of my giveaway
I'm giving away a ticket for the Innovation Explorer conference which takes place on February 20 in Sofia! If you're interested, you have one more day only to leave your name and email in the raffle.

Top 11 Web Design and UI Trends for 2020
Typography gets weirder, illustrations get mixed with real-life photography, audio experiences get hot. These are just some of the trends outlined by Designmodo. They will help us know what trendy and hip visual styles are coming, so we can incorporate them into our campaigns.

Career development planning for the intellectually curious
The essential skills for career development planning include orienting yourself in the current environment and understanding how you can bridge the gap between your skillset and what’s needed. Here are some actionable insights from Atlassian.

Content Marketing in 2020: The Definitive Guide
I have to admit, Brian Dean is one of the best examples of success through in-depth content. So it’s no surprise that he wrote a master guide on content marketing. I was especially happy to see the “Document, don’t create” mantra in there, as it’s also what I tend to do in my content.

Social Media Today
Instagram's VP of Product on its Hidden Like Count Test
Instagram started testing hidden like counts some months back and they are still measuring the impact this change has on the platform. Their Product VP explained what the motivation behind the change was and what are the current results. Users in the affected regions are reporting lower like numbers. But it's still not clear if this is a bad thing or something that comes with a side benefit of other engagement increasing.


Enjoy the rest of the week!
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