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Copy our Robots results - 24.5% gain till date*
Month to month profitability for copy our robot 24.5% gain

*Assuming that you have started with Copy our Robot from day 1 till now, you would have gained 24.5% on a margin utilisation of 20%. 

Till date, Master account has a profit of $245 on a small lot size of 2 micro lots. The amount of profit depends on your lot size and equity. It is reasonable to have a 2 micro lot size on a $1000 account size. Thus I believe that a 24.5% gain in 3 months is a reasonable estimate if you have been following closely

In my illustration above, your profit might have been $6125 in 3 months on a 5 mini lot per order. 

Rationale of positions

Each position or group of positions is opened after very thorough discussion and investigation of market conditions and price charts. 

These positions might be opened as a basket with an aim to achieve maximum profitability and minimum drawdown. 

For example, recently we opened a sell in AUDCAD and a buy in GBPCAD and USDCAD. AUDCAD was a trend continuation play but we knew that range was limited. GBPCAD was a reversal play on GBP/Brexit headlines with possibility that CAD is overbought. USDCAD, in our opinion, has the best combination should USD continue to rise.

Every position in Copy our Robots is carefully evaluated and chosen with a bigger idea behind. Closing any prematurely tips the balance.   

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