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I have two busy months planned!

I've been talking and talking about all the stories I wrote this winter (while the family zoo was closed.) Well, they're starting to release now. Because of this, I have lots of news and will be sending out a weekly newsletter for the next two months or so.

To make this exciting (and not make you sick of me) I'm releasing one part of a new story in my Superhero Wives world every week for the next eight or nine weeks. Please make sure you scroll to the bottom of the email to find The Superhero Husband: Part 1 (of 8)

Blurb: Rhett is strong. He’s heroic. He’s what every woman wants…if only his wife would notice. It’s difficult living in the shadows of a superhero wife, but when Rhett’s biggest fear becomes a reality, he's the only one who can save the day…even if his wife wants him to stay out of it.

(Note: This story is a stand-alone, so if you haven't read The Secret Life of Superhero Wives yet, no worries, but it does have a few character cross-overs. If you'd like a copy of The Secret Life of Superhero Wives, it's on sale this weekend for $0.99)

Also to snazz up these newsletters, I'm including one angel joke per email to celebrate most my new releases are in the Angels of Sojourn world. The cheesier the joke, the better.


I also wanted to thank everyone who voted on if you read books on Kindle Unlimited. I'm going to start transitioning my older stories to other platforms. The first to go will be Love, Lies & Clones in October. This way, if you read on KU, you'll be able to continue to read all my books that way for the first year or two.

*New Release* Magical Connections: A Collection of Fantasy Short Stories & Novellas

I've had many readers ask for a way to grab some of my short stories that isn't through Instafreebie. I've also had readers want to put a review on Amazon for some of these stories, but there isn't a place for it.

So...I put together my first story collection for Amazon. It contains six previously published works (which you may have already read some, or all, of them.) My hope is to connect with new readers. If you've read any of the stories in this collection, I'd love for you to leave a review on Amazon HERE. Reviews help other readers decide if they want to try something new.

Right now, I'm not running any specials on this collection, as it's priced at $2.99 (or available through Kindle Unlimited.) 

Here's the description of this collection:

How far will you go for love?
From a pregnant fairy godmother to a child bitten by a werewolf, a fallen angel to a mail-order witch, these six fantasy short stories & novellas, connected by magic, will be sure to leave you feeling satisfied.

Fangs & Fairy Dust: An Angels of Sojourn Spin-Off Novella
After eighty years, Ryker returns to Dubuque, hunting down a rogue vampire once again…only this time, the vampire didn’t break his heart.

Aliza is just a normal human trying to say goodbye to the past, but after a brutal attack, she never expected her goodbye to begin an unimaginable future.

The Mail-Order Witch (short story)
The magic in our world is dying. Ettie, one of the last of the pure-blooded witches, gives up on love and embarks on a lonely journey as a mail-order bride to save it. Is the man she's marrying everything she hoped for or is he hiding a secret…

Hidden: A Pregnant Fairy Godmother’s Journey… (novella)
Even being the best fairy godmother in all the land, Ciera’s been hiding a secret. Not only is she pregnant, but she’s magically pregnant with a human child.

Humans are not allowed in the fairy realm. Period. That includes half-fairy/half-human babies. The only solution is to give the baby to its father before the Fairy Council finds out her secret. 

Finding the father should be easy. How many men named John could possibly live in this place called Chicago?

The Enchanted Apothecary
A grieving shopkeeper becomes suspicious of a mysterious man who keeps visiting her apothecary shop.

One Possible Future: An Angels of Sojourn Short Story
Jocelyn learned not to ignore a vision. Eight years ago, her disregard of a premonition cost her fiancé’s life.
Now, her visions bring her to a fallen angel who is in desperate need of help after losing his wings. The problem: he doesn’t want assistance.

Unwilling to carry any more guilt, Jocelyn insists on helping him, even if it puts her own life in jeopardy.

Bitten: An Angels of Sojourn Spin-Off Short Story
A desperate mother struggles to protect her son.

And now for the Angel Joke of the Week...

(I know you couldn't wait for this one.)

Two men were talking about their wives. The first man says “My wife is an angel.” The second man says “You’re lucky, mine’s still alive.”

(I did say it would be cheesy!)

As always, thank you for the support,


P.S. Remember to scroll all the way down to read Part 1 of this newsletters' new serial, The Superhero's Husband.

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For something a little different, I'm including a part of my new story, The Superhero's Husband, in each of my next eight or nine newsletters. Enjoy the story! (And if you want to help me with story flaws or editing issues, please make suggestions in this google doc or just reply to this email.)

The Superhero's Husband, Part 1

Chapter 1

Rhett’s heart pounded as he leaned against the cool, metal wall of the self storage units. He wiped the sweat from his brow while squinting at the mid-day sun, imagining the worst.

Would today be the day his wife was finally defeated?

What surprise was ahead of them?

Rhett took his wife’s hand and pulled her closer to him.

She pushed away. “I’m going to get them.” Rayne’s green eyes shimmered from beneath her red mask. “Stay here.”

Stay here. Stay out of my way. I’ll be home soon.

Those were words Rhett was used to hearing, but after eight years of marriage, Rayne should know he ignored them most of the time.


Rhett and Rayne jerked away from the thin metal wall at their backs.

“They’re right behind us.” Rayne flew up, pulled her golden hair off her face, and planted a peck on Rhett’s cheek. “Love you.” She snapped her yellow cape around her curvy body as she disappeared down the deserted aisle that ran along the back side of the storage unit complex.

“I love you, too.” Rhett whispered, even though his wife could no longer hear him. His shoulder skimmed against the wall as he crept along the building in the direction his wife had headed.

At the end of the long row of storage units, Rhett pulled his gun from the holster at his waist. Rayne didn’t believe in weapons, and she didn’t need to use them. Being able to control mother nature was enough. Rhett didn’t have that luxury. He would take all the protection he could get--not for him, but for his wife.

Rhett leaned around the corner of the building and scanned the next aisle. Nothing but a wide, dusty gravel path between two rows of closed, overhead garage doors.


Rhett tightened his grip on his 9mm and edged his way down the path, checking each storage unit door as he passed. The wind picked up, blowing dust from the gravel path into his eyes.

Where had Rayne disappeared to?

His phone buzzed on his belt. Rhett tried to ignore it, but when the call ended, it vibrated again, indicating a text.

Stay here. His wife’s words echoed in his head.


He pulled out his phone to read a message from his boss.

Gregory: The project meeting has been rescheduled to 3PM today. See you there.

Rhett glanced at the time. One-fifteen. Would it be possible to assist his wife in taking down the bad guys, recover the stolen merchandise, and get to work in time to get to the meeting?

Of course. He had done so much more in so much less time.

The breeze turned cool as clouds blocked the sun. Rhett took a deep breath. When the weather rapidly changed, he knew Rayne was still in control—still alive and well. If the weather ever grew eerily silent during a take-down, that’d be his time to worry.

Rhett traveled down the path between the storage compound, then turned down the next row lined with large, overhead doors. He flexed his trigger finger.


Then a woman’s scream.

Where was Rayne?

Enough being careful!

Rhett’s legs were not fast enough as he raced down the aisle to the last unit. It had its overhead door lifted half-way. The wind picked up, nearly blinding him with a dust storm. Rhett pulled a pair of sunglasses from his breast pocket and slipped them on.

He followed the swirling dirt into the large storage unit at the end of the aisle, pressing his back to the wall as he tried to see through the heavy dust. The dirt was so thick, he struggled to see anything, but when he looked up, he saw the bright green glow of Rayne’s eyes cutting through the cloud.

“It’s Elemental Fox.”

“I told you she’d find us!”

“Let them. We need to go.”

Rhett listened to the three distinct voices, barely audible over the howling wind. He kept his back to the wall as he journeyed deeper into the unit. The dust and wind picked up, swirling in a circle like a tornado. He’d seen Rayne do this trick before. After the wind and dust, she’d bring in rain to clear the debris from the air while she zip-tied her targets with the police-issued cuffs she carried.

Even though Rayne was a superhero, she lacked one of the common traits it seemed most superheroes shared—she was strong, but not super-strong. She relied on controlling the weather to save the day.

As Rhett neared the back wall of the unit, he stopped, making out the silhouette of a person leaning against a large container resembling a giant steel barrel. Any closer and the man was sure to notice him as well as he noticed the man. Rhett backed away a few steps.

Just like on cue, the rain started, settling the dust. Rhett crouched behind another steel container. There had to be ten of them, and that was what he could see.

The rain pelted the ground, and the wind picked up, making it impossible to see.


Rhett readied his gun and peered around the barrel.

Please make sure Rayne’s okay.

Elemental Fox swooped down, the glow intensifying in her eyes, as she pulled one handcuffed woman towards two men who were already handcuffed to the wall on the other side of the giant storage unit.


Rhett swung around to a man with dark hair similar to his own, and a muscular face smeared with dirt standing right behind him. The man’s lips parted, revealing too-white teeth.

Rhett lifted his gun, but the man swung a pipe, knocking the gun from Rhett’s hands.

Rhett grunted as he flung his body forward, tackling his opponent. He grabbed the man’s wrist, trying to twist him over, but Muscle Face turned too quickly, throwing Rhett off him.

Rhett crouched down low, eyeing his gun a few feet away. The man’s eyes followed Rhett’s, and they both went in for a dive.


His body pounded into the muscle man’s. Rhett wedged his hand between the man’s arm and torso, grabbing his wrist and twisting him over. He leaned forward, grabbing the man’s other arm and twisting it behind him. Gathering both the man’s wrists at the small of his back, Rhett kneeled on back of the man’s legs while he held him to the ground. Rhett’s phone buzzed again.

Not now.

The rain stopped, and Rhett could get a clear view of his wife. She had four people—three men and one woman—handcuffed to some metal piping that covered the electrical wiring.

She pulled her wet hair off her face.

The man beneath Rhett kicked, and Rayne snapped her head in Rhett’s direction. The look of accomplishment on her face turned to anger when she saw her husband.

Rhett’s chest tightened, but he searched for his most charming, innocent smile. “I thought you could use some help.”

Rayne’s jaw tightened as she flew over to Rhett, pulling a pair of handcuffs off her belt and taking Muscle Face’s hand from his. “I told you to stay put.”

“You should know me better.”

Rayne pressed her lips together. She pulled Muscle Face over to the others and attached him to another metal pipe. She then pulled the phone off her belt and dialed.

“It’s Elemental Fox. I have a present for you down at the Highway 15 Storage Unit Complex.” Rayne hung up, and flew over to examine the silver barrels.

The containers were nearly as tall as Rhett–probably about six feet. Rayne touched each one as she walked through the unit. “One, two…” she weaved between them, counting, “…eleven…twelve.” She spun towards the five they had apprehended. “The report was four dozen were stolen. Where are the rest?”

The handcuffed woman spit in her direction. The others set their jaws.

In the years Rhett had been helping Rayne catch the bad guys, Rhett knew they didn’t spill their guts like in the movies.

“No worries. The police will tell me who you are and we’ll find a connection. We always do.”

Rhett’s phone buzzed again, and the screen displayed more messages from his boss.

Gregory: The meeting has been moved to the downtown office.

Gregory: Rhett? Where are you?

Rhett looked up to his wife. “I gotta run.” He swooped down and picked up his gun, tucking into the concealed holster at his waist. He tried to brush the dirt from his clothing, but only smeared it in. Luckily, he carried a change in his vehicle.

“Not so fast!” Rayne walked into the light streaming in from the storage unit’s door. She turned around, displaying her pissed-off-lip-twitch. “Come here!”

Rhett followed her outside the building and outside anyone’s earshot.

Rayne spun on her heel. “What were you doing? You came in too early! I hadn’t given you the all clear!” She reached up and wiped a handful of blood from Rhett’s temple. “You could have gotten hurt…or died!”

“I heard a woman’s voice. I thought it was you!”

“You thought that was me? Come on, Rhett, we have a secret code word. Did you hear me saying ‘puppy’?” She put a hand on her hip.

Rhett’s hands fisted, and he forced them to open. “If I have an inkling you’re in trouble, I will not hold back.”

“You could have died!”

“So, could you!” Rhett took a step back. “I helped.” He waved his hand towards the storage unit. “I got one of them. He was sneaking toward the door. He would have gotten away.”

“So, let him. It’s not worth risking your life.”

“Can’t you ever accept that I’m helpful. I help you all the time.” In fact, Rayne couldn’t do it without him, he was certain.

“You’re a distraction. Next time, I’ll take my brother instead. He’s at least is invincible.” Rayne looked at Rhett’s blood on her fingers and wiped it on her black leggings.

“Why don’t you then?!”

Rayne always retreated to her family when she was frustrated, but the threats never amounted to anything. Rayne huffed, and Rhett’s phone vibrated again.

“I gotta go. Work’s waiting.” He took off towards his SUV. He didn’t need to look over his shoulder to confirm Rayne would wait at the storage unit for the police—she always tied things up with them. Rhett also knew he could never be around when the police showed up. If he was seen connected with Elemental Fox, they may figure out Rayne’s secret identity. It’s bad enough he risked it sometimes in front of the villains, but Rayne always covered for him.

Everyone believed a superhero.

Besides, Rhett had to change and clean up before heading off to that work meeting he was sure to be late for. He’d need a good excuse, since he didn’t want to jeopardize that promotion he was up for.

Rayne would realize he was important…if not to her and her fight for justice, then to the company Rhett worked for.


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