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Wildfire destroys designer Toni Randall's home & studio

Dear Friends:

The wildfires have been devastating for so many on the West Coast, including one of our favorite designers: Toni Randall of Whimsy and grace in Talent, Oregon. Toni’s home and studio were destroyed by fire last week! Through the kindness of her friends and associates she is already working to rebuild. She needs financial help, encouragement and prayers…

I hope all of us, store owners and customers, can help Toni through this miserable time.

Please read the notice from her daughter below.

If possible, please contribute to the GoFundMe site created for Toni to help her get back into a new home and studio.

My thanks to everyone for your help and kindness.


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Message from Toni Randall's children

Dear shops and associates of Whimsy and grace,

With relief, we share that our mom, Toni Randall, is safe following the catastrophic Alameda wildfire that decimated her community of Talent, Oregon, on September 8. Sadly, her home and studio were consumed in the conflagration that wiped out more than 1000 homes and small businesses.

We are quickly mobilizing to transfer our mom and Whimsy and grace headquarters to her daughter’s home in Ashland, Oregon. Our mom is still processing the loss and the frightening experience of her evacuation, but mostly counting her blessings. She is a positive, resilient, and strong woman — an example for us all!

The Almeda fire in Southern Oregon impacted mostly residential areas north of Ashland, forcing many to flee with little notice. The fire, kicked up by dry and exceedingly windy conditions, tore through the towns of Talent and Phoenix.

This is our mom's street. Not one home left standing.

How you can help

We have established a GoFundMe page to help her reestablish her studio and business operations. Please share the link with your staff and stitchers through your social media networks.

You can reach out to Mom through GoFundMe comments, or contact her directly via phone or email. Her community gives her strength!

We are recruiting stitchers to stitch new models for mom, and already six have volunteered! We will need canvases, threads, and more stitchers for this very special relief effort. Please reach out to daughter Teri, who is coordinating this initiative, at, if you’d like to participate.

We thank the needlepoint community for the close-knit relationships you have given our mom over the years. You are really keeping her going right now.

With gratitude,

Teri Randall (Seattle, Washington)
Mara (Ashland, Oregon)
Ray and Kristi Randall (Winter Park, Florida)

  2. It is required that all persons wear a face mask inside the store.
  3. We have rearranged our seating area to provide a 6' distance between each person.
  4. For your protection, please bring your own hand disinfectant to be used regularly inside the store.

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