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Milesight CMS's Change Log of Version

Dear Milesight Partners,

We are pleased to announce the release of the new firmware version of the Milesight CMS. This is a new version that is compatible with more complete Milesight Network Camera and NVR functions, such as Image and action settings, which can greatly enhance the stability and user experience.

New Features

  • Support the complete settings of image related functions of Milesight Network Cameras and NVRs;
  • Support that in the E-MAP function, the corresponding camera icon lights up and alarms when the event is triggered;
  • Support Import/Export Network Camera configuration file;
  • Support Alarm Popup to play audio with customize audio files;
  • Support PTZ action settings;
  • Compatible with Milesight NVRs which support ANR function;
  • Compatible with new 23X/30X Speed Dome Network Camera & 36X/42X Speed Dome Network Camera & 4K Network Camera Series, etc.                        


  • Optimize decoding performance that is greatly improved under the same hardware conditions;
  • Optimize the Operation Log, add PTZ Control, Start Playback and Stop Playback operation in the Logs Search Type;
  • Optimize other functions.                                                                         

Bug Fixes

  • Fix the cut video download failure problem when the channel name is changed to a Non-default language, such as Chinese, Korean, etc;
  • Fix and optimize P2P functions to improve connection speed and stability;
  • Fix other bugs.


Milesight Technology Co., Ltd.

Room 202, No.23 Wanghai Road,2nd Software Park, Xiamen, Fujian, China, Xiamen

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