NT Chansey Paech first Indigenous speaker of an Australian Parliament

[Lauren Roberts, ABC]

Mr Paech, 33, was previously Deputy Speaker — a role he took on in 2016 when elected to Parliament to represent Namatjira in Central Australia.

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Aboriginal man tasered in face

[Daily Mail Australia]

Sivan Dovale, 25, went on a public tirade against police after her indigenous boyfriend Kris Bradshaw was tasered by police at close range in Sydney on Monday. 

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Northern Territory land councils want NT borders to stay closed

[by Elke Wiesmann]

The Central Land Council, with the support of the Northern Land Council, calls on the NT Government to keep the NT borders with all other jurisdictions closed until community transmission of COVID-19 has been eliminated in Australia, and to reinstate mandatory motel quarantine for 14 days.

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Cancel culture: Statue toppling looks at white slavers, ignoring historical black leaders

[by Jack Wilkie-Jans]

Tearing down statues is not even something I would class as reclaiming narratives. It’s actually ignoring narratives of generations.

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