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Seen any great (old) films recently?

I've been going retro recently, watching some great films which have inspired me in my writing. On Friday evening, I sat down to watch The Dead Zone film, which I was amazed to see dates back to 1983 - can I really be that old? I've also downloaded my favourite ever episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation to watch this week - it's called 'The Inner Light', in case you want to check it out. So that got me thinking - what's a great movie (let's say 1980 onward) that you return to time and time again? I'll pick one reply out at random and send one lucky winner a $10 Amazon gift token (or Paypal equivalent) for your trouble :-)

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One of the issues with being a writer is that's it's very sedentary, so I make I sure I use my cross trainer at home three times a week. I ramped it all up a bit this month by taking part in a rather great phenomenon called Park Run, a weekly 5k run for beginners which started out in the UK and has now spread all over the globe. I managed to make it to the end of my first run and I'm trying a second next week. I looked a little worse for wear after my first try, so I'm hoping to do a little better on Saturday :-)

I only mention it from time-to-time, but I run a self-publishing podcast over at and I record weekly episodes with authors. On Saturday 3rd November it'll be my 250th episode so, to celebrate, I'm recording a special edition telling the story of how I came to writing - and it all starts at the age of 9! Also, when you get in touch with me to tell me what you're reading, I've often interviewed those authors. So check out this link and see if I've spoken to any of your favourites here

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I've been to see two music-based films recently, the fabulous 'A Star is Born' and the Queen biopic 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. While I was digging through the loft looking for all my old writing for Saturday's podcast epiosde, I found my few remaining 45rpm singles - and there was my 40 year old vinyl copy of Queen's 'Don't Stop Me Now', the first single I ever bought with my own money. It's pretty worn out now ... a bit like me in that picture above after my first Park Run :-) Have you still got the first record you ever bought? What is it?

This is my box of props for Saturday's special podcast episode, and I was amazed what I found up there in the attic. Firstly, I hadn't realised how much I'd written - I've forgotten a lot of the stories I'd started and never really finished. Secondly - and this is really spooky - one of my characters in a short story I wrote as a teenager has the same name as a character in Dead of Night ie Jack Dawson. Do try and catch that episode, it'll be a lot of fun if you enjoy reading my books ... and there'll be a few cringes in there too!

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Thanks SO much for all the brilliant replies to last month's question about whether I should write in UK English or USA English. The audience has spoken, and it was a resounding vote for UK English. There was a handful of people disagreeing with that view, but it's quite clear that the majority of readers are happy to enjoy my English quirks and learn some new words as a consequence. One reader even wrote to me to say that I'd taught her a great new swear word which she just loves using. That one made me laugh, it's great to know that I've made a contribution to literature, however small :-)

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