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Jesus on True Prayer

Most of us have experienced the frustration of praying for help or healing and being disappointed and disheartened because our prayer appeared to be unanswered. We invite you to join us as we continue with this online class – JESUS ON TRUE PRAYER – as we unpack Jesus’ teaching, The Song of Prayer, a valuable supplement to A Course in Miracles. Together we’ll discover the difference between fruitless prayer and true prayer. 

Come join Coreen Walson and Nouk Sanchez

Currently running Thursdays, 6:00 - 8:00 pm MST USA

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Total Transformation Course (TTC)

Total Transformation Course (TTC) with

 Judith Benton

Starting Saturday November 14, 2020, 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm MST USA

The Total Transformation Course (TTC) is an awesome year-long journey with mighty companions! We dive into the deeper teachings of ACIM and The End of Death. Videos, audios, blogs, illuminating homework, and the key ingredient: sharing/joining in Holy Relationship with each other. Life-transforming!

Enroll in TTC with Judy 112020 here

Are you ready for Total Transformation to your Spiritual Self?

We have several hosts awaiting guidance and receivership of participants for our online Total Transformation Course. Enroll in the new TTC Journey with Judith Benton above or if Saturdays at 5:00 pm MST USA does not work for you, kindly indicate your interest by completing the form you will find at this link:

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Holy Relationship Journey (HRJ)

Although it is not required, it is highly recommended to experience the Total Transformation Course (TTC) in order to get a better understanding of the Holy Relationship Journey (HRJ), as it is the foundation of Nouk's inspired teachings.

Welcome to the Holy Relationship Journey (HRJ) online program! We are reading A Manual for Holy Relationship by best selling author Nouk Sanchez. This manual contains the deeper teachings on Holy Relationship as given by Jesus in A Course in Miracles. Nouk explains step by step just why Holy Relationship is the Holy Grail and fastest route not just to awakening in the dream of separation, but awakening FROM the dream once and for all. No stone is left unturned as we examine this incredible teaching-learning phenomenon layer by layer. If you are truly ready to bust through the ego thought system to the discovery of your most Holy Self and your incorruptible innocence, then this journey is for you. We welcome you to our Take Me to Truth family with open arms and endless Love.

Holy Relationship Journey (HRJ) with Nicola Povey Currently running Wednesdays
6:30 - 8:30 pm MST USA

Register here for the HRJ with Nicola

Holy Relationship Journey (HRJ) with Coreen Walson Currently running Sundays              9:00 - 11:00 am MST USA  

Register here for the HRJ with Coreen

Deepening Together—Holy Relationship Journey                                   Support with Nicola Povey                                                                                                                                        Currently running Fridays 9:00 - 10:30 am MST USA                                       Enrollment in Nicola's or Coreen's class (see above) automatically enrolls you in the Deepening Together Sessions.

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Jesus on Sex

A Powerful Nine-Part Series

Have you ever wondered what Jesus was trying to share in the ACIM urtext about sex? After all, He did say, “Sex is an area the miracle worker MUST understand.” We just completed a hugely revealing, mega powerful video series on this subject as a group of us unpacked the 90+ page chapter on sex (from A Manual for Holy Relationship). And now we invite you to explore these life-changing, deeper teachings of Jesus. This series is available for free; however we’d really appreciate your DONATION once you’ve realized the inestimable value of this teaching. Enjoy!

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Click here for our Master Class Calendar

Master Calendar

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What is a Miracle Buddy?

Are you currently enrolled in a Take Me to Truth (TMTT) offering and want a miracle buddy to help you on your journey?

Your miracle buddy will become your best friend on this journey. It is someone on this path, participating in TMTT classes, who you can confide in, cry with, won't agree with you when you want to believe something of the ego. Will remind you that you are not "that!" Whatever "that" is. Will help you step out of your pain and suffering and start seeing your Self and others with Christ vision.

Your commitment to connecting with your miracle buddy is an agreement you make with him/her. Most miracle buddies meet once a week or more as guided. They may talk on the phone, they may text or email. They may Skype. They may meet and do the homework together. It depends on what works for both.

Ego's biggest fear is that of joining. Jesus says we cannot walk this path alone. We embrace our miracle buddy(s) as a vital part of our spiritual progress.  

We encourage you to reach out in the zoom room (verbally or in the chat function) to ask for a miracle buddy. However, if you are progressing through a TMTT offering without the benefit of the zoom room or if you are too shy to reach out in the zoom room, click on the link below to request a miracle buddy connection.

Miracle Buddy Connection Request

An Inside Peak - Miracle Buddies

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the Beloved is a constant Flow of Love

breathed by the life of the Father to the Son

there is nothing real outside of this

soften, melt within the sacred heart of Christ

here is Heaven itSelf

as you

choose this!

let fall from opened hands

the toys of this dream

rise and stand as Immortal Joy

no more distractions

surrender to the Life

ripening you


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Expressions of Gratitude

From Lynne:

It is hard to put into words all the incredible gifts of love, support and family I have received from the TTC. It has been a transformative four years from fear to love.

In the first two years the fear of exposure and being vulnerable was intense. Speaking in front of a group of strangers was terrifying. Sharing what I perceived to be my weaknesses and failures was just too uncomfortable to surpass.

I did not fully understand at the time that fear of joining was the greatest fear of the ego. Closing the gap between your brothers closes the gap between you and God.

Now that I have experienced the healing power of real sharing and joining I eagerly attend each class as it has become food
for my soul.

It is so comforting to express your fear and guilt, trusting that you will not be judged. To the ego's surprise you find release, love and support. Everyone in the TTC recognizes the courage and the willingness it takes to heal our mind.

I have overcome a life-long fear and belief of rejection. Once I firmly understood that there is nothing outside my mind and I am perceiving rejection because I projected it out to others, I was willing to forgive myself for this devastating feeling of rejection.

This is where the benefits of the Seven Key Principles of Quantum Forgiveness and the Seven Key Principles of Holy Relationship are so useful to healing our mind. The weekly classes are a constant reminder of the power of these tools when applied sincerely.

If you feel a desire to go deeper into ACIM and apply it to your life, the TTC was developed precisely for a lived, healing experience. It will take you out of your head and into your heart as you learn to connect with Holy Spirit.

From Anonymous:

I was in a class and the topic was on forgiveness and I immediately wrote down on a piece of paper all those that I wanted to be sure that I had forgiven completely. It was a long list but I had done this exercise before and I had felt better after doing it. So after the meeting, I was going to sit down and get busy with forgiveness when suddenly I remembered the most important fact that there is no one out there. We are all one. That settled it for me. I just need to know that we are all the Christ and in Him there is no forgiveness needed. What a great feeling! Yeah.

From Sandy:

Thank you for your participation in the Take Me to Truth Family. We are so grateful for you.  Our mission is to extend the deeper teachings of Jesus to all who are called to join us. And thanks to all who have shared their abundance with us by donating money that we use to keep the mission alive! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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