There's more out there than space.

It's a To Be Read list that's out of control

The whole face of publishing is changing, and speculative fictions seems to be growing even broader. Books aren't so easily pigeon-holed anymore, and that really fires my rockets.

I love unusual stories (probably a side effect of the Whovian religion). I'm currently reading a time travel romance, a series about psychic aliens being hunted down, and gladiators in space. You can take a look below at two of them in my TBR pile which grows faster than I have time to read. 

There's this whole new movement toward wild, unusual storytelling, an anything goes frontier out there that really inspires me to keep reading. And writing.

What inspires your reading?

Future Intrigue

When a princess who's no stranger to scandal runs afoul of the secrets of the most powerful cabal on Landfall, even her crown can't protect her from the consequences.

They can have anything they want...except a future.
Nothing infuriates Princess Ione Ra more than having someone else take control of her reputation from her, and her old nemesis--gossip journalist Jaris Pulne--is poised to do just that with pilfered pics of her caught in a compromising position with her power-couple partner. As someone who's no stranger to manipulating the markets on her own social life, Ione knows the wrong scandal means social suicide.

Privilege is a prison...
For the other half of the power couple, Den Hades, his survival has depended on staying in his powerful father's shadow in order to protect his secrets. But on the very night of his one chance to earn a shot at becoming a Scion--and freedom from his father's ambitions, scandal threatens to tear him from Ione, or worse--force them together before their time.

Black Holes and Rising Stars

 When a mysterious wormhole appears on the edge of a Nevada town, Rand Hazen and his team race to study it. Together with his partner and the love of his life, Rand knows he can be the first physicist to prove that time travel is possible. In a devastating twist of fate, the wormhole goes into flux, and when Rand opens his eyes all of Verity Pines is gone, taking with it his lover. Rand knows that he will do anything to find her, even going so far as to jump into the hole to follow her. Rand vows to himself that he won’t say her name until he sees her face again. On the other side of the wormhole Rand finds himself in a place he never imagined: the far, far future. The world as he knows it is about to end, but none of that matters; all he cares about is finding HER. Through a shining silver city and into a vast desert, Rand will comb this world until her finds her, or until the world itself burns around him.

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Check it out!
Check it out!
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