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October 30, 2020 - Issue #102

Project News

LearnIT2teach Podcast Episode 31: Part 2 with Dr. Tony Bates
This is the second of three podcast interviews recorded with Dr. Tony Bates, a leading light for Canadian educators on questions of blended, and online learning. In this episode, we are talking about the world of online learning in the aftermath of COVID-19. How will all the innovations educators made in response to the crisis shape the adult education world of the future? ...

New to Avenue

  • Snowman - The Hangman vocabulary game has been replaced with a game of Snowman. Users must guess and spell the target word before the snowman melts.
  • Sharing Cart block - This new block facilitates the moving of course content between courses. It can be used by teachers who have editing privileges in more than one course.
  • Courseware realignment - Courses at the same service provider are now placed in the same subcategory. This new realignment enables administrators at service providers to request access to their organization's courses on Avenue.

Web News

Federal government plans to bring in more than 1.2M immigrants in next 3 years
.... Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino unveiled what he called an "ambitious" three-year immigration plan today that set targets for bringing skilled workers, family members and refugees into Canada. Canada aims to bring 401,000 new permanent residents in 2021, 411,000 in 2022 and 421,000 in 2023. ...

How Speech-Recognition Software Discriminates against Minority Voices
... Having to adapt our way of speaking to interact with speech-recognition technologies is a familiar experience for people whose first language is not English ... The growth of this tech in the past decade—not just Siri but Alexa and Cortana and others—has unveiled a problem in it: racial bias....

Directing the Online College Classroom
With many students working on computers from home, teachers are learning new ways to teach their classes. I recently spoke with some English teachers about how they are meeting these demands. The teachers seemed to agree on three issues they now face: how to hold the attention of their students; persuading students to talk in English; and getting them to work with their classmates while being in different places. ...

How this Vietnamese entrepreneur won Google’s backing for her A.I. app
The coronavirus has sparked a revolution in education, pushing schools and institutions online and driving new demand for e-learning apps. One among them is ELSA, an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered language platform designed to help non-native English learners improve their speech and pronunciation via short, app-based lessons. ...

As school boards blend in-person and virtual classes, criticism emerges for hybrid model
...the hybrid scenario of teaching both in-person and remote students simultaneously hasn't typically been the format boards have adopted for their remote, elementary school learners this fall, with the majority establishing dedicated virtual classrooms. ...

Duolingo English Test Logs 1500% Growth During Covid-19
... As of the fall 2020 semester, over 2,500 institutions around the world now accept the Duolingo English Test (DET). Over two-thirds of these are located in the U.S. So far this year, Duolingo has witnessed more than 1500% growth in overall test-takers. The DET has also grown in Canada and the U.K. This year, the former has increased DET-accepting institutions from 26 to 187, while the former has expanded from 18 to 144. ...


7 Reasons Why Online Learning Is The Next Trend In Education
“Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come,” said Victor Hugo the playwright. Online education is the kind of idea whose time has come. Here are 7 reasons why online education is the next big trend in education. ...

16 Teachers Share How They Are Creating Boundaries Right Now
The best advice another teacher ever gave me was this: no is a complete sentence. No explanation necessary. While this sounds simple, the idea that I was allowed to simply say no blew my teaching mind. ... Here’s what teachers on Instagram are doing to create boundaries and take care of themselves. Because let’s face it: 2020 is our hardest teaching year yet. ...

5 Ways to Use Videoconferencing in Remote Learning
This spring, teachers around the world completed a crash course in using videoconferencing as part of their shift to online learning. ... Here are five ways for teachers to go beyond the standard lecture session and think creatively about how to use videoconferencing technology. ...

How To Level-Up Communication When Teaching Reluctant Learners Online
... Recently, the move to online learning came with little time for preparation. You probably discovered that not all traditional teaching methods work in a virtual environment and there is a learning curve as you trade your physical classroom for a digital one. ... If remote education is new for you, this guide will show you where to start and what tech and resources are available to support your online teaching. ...

5 Tips To Keep Virtual Training Participants Engaged And Motivated
... How learner-friendly is your virtual classroom? Motivating and engaging adult learners in a virtual environment can be quite challenging, especially when you consider the modern learner’s tendency to be easily distracted and lose concentration. And because there is no face-to-face interaction, how can the instructor ensure learners stay motivated?

8 practices to build an online learning community
Before COVID-19 turned the academic world upside down, community and connection happened almost spontaneously. Students could walk into a classroom and introduce themselves to the people around them and instantly feel part of their learning community. ... Fast forward to 2020 and, for most students, the campus experience, at least as we’ve known it, has become another casualty of the ongoing pandemic. For better or worse, the virtual classroom is now the place for students to find that all important sense of community. ...

Professional Development

LearnIT2teach Annotated Bibliography New Resource: Technology-mediated task-based language teaching: A qualitative research synthesis
How can language teachers plan for remote teaching during a crisis such as that we have all experienced during Covid-19? This article offers an overview of the key components of planning for online teaching in normal circumstances and a useful roadmap for planning, design, and implementation when teachers must adapt quickly to changed circumstances.

TESL Ontario Annual Conference - November 5-7
... We are offering an interactive, virtual conference to the TESL community that will include many of the components of our face-to-face conference in a virtual environment. ....


TESL Ontario Executive Director
The position of Executive Director is a full-time staff position. Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director contributes to the overall success of TESL Ontario and its goals and objectives by providing leadership in the overall management, administration and operations of TESL Ontario.

Online English Teacher (Multiple jobs)
Landi English is developed with an immersive teaching system, based on CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning), aiming to positively transform Chinese students’ English learning patterns with content language learning, from kindergarten to high school level. ...

Online English Teacher
... Must hold a Bachelor’s Degree or above. Those who have a background in teaching online/ESL are the most suitable candidates. .... Must have an accredited teaching certification or ESL certification (e.g. TESOL, TESL, TEFL, etc.). ... Must be a Native English speaker who is a resident of the United States or Canada. ...

e-Resource Corner

Free courses to learn English now!
... On this occasion, we have put together a compilation of all the virtual and free courses that abound on the net to study English . And to make things even easier, we've grouped resources into learning levels: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. ...

Online Tools That Can Help You Write An Essay
Students face multiple challenges related to their writing activity.... professional writing services help students write essays. However, there’s another way to use the Internet. You can find and apply different online tools, which help to enhance writing skills and write high-quality essays. Let’s check some of the most useful tools. ...

New Language Solutions Inc.


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