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Harley the Chimera Kitty

'Harley' the Chimera Cat

I thought today I'd introduce you to the latest addition to the household, my Chimera Kitty, 'Harlequin'. Or 'Harley' as she gets called when she's only wearing her second-best tiara.

This is Harley after she has just shredded the contents of my waste paper basket - you may note that the rug is tightly covered in a thick protective coating of dog hair....

Harley and I met a few weeks ago. I was out and about, looking to buy paint for the mosquito breeding ground that masquerades as my swimming pool (Summer was hoving into view and when the temperature here hits 105 degrees and more, it's not fun).

I couldn't find the shop I was looking for and while wandering the back alleys looking for it, I came across this little scrap of fur, abandoned and all alone.

Everyone is entitled to a vice. Mine is that I'm a serial dog-rescuer. But I'm open to cute little kittens too. So guess who came home with me, nestled on the passenger seat on an old towel next to the tins of paint.

In fact, it's the first time I've had a kitten, so I'm a bit vague about just how old she was, but my best guess is about four weeks, certainly way too young to be fending for herself in the back streets of Spain....

So, what is a 'chimera cat'?

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And following that, making a not very subtle link from one item to the next: on the subject of rescue....

Coming Soon....


'Mastering the Virgin' Part Seventeen


Charlotte and Beth trapped in a burning building.

Charlotte bound by her promise of obedience to the man she loves.

Who will come to their rescue?



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