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April 30, 2018 - Issue #75

Project News

Podcast Episode 29, Spotlight on a LINC teacher: Rostam Pooladi-Darvish
... not every LINC teacher wants or needs all the tools [in the Edulinc courseware] to make blended learning work. Rostam Pooladi-Darvish has been using Edulinc with his LINC learners at Bow Valley College in Calgary for four years now. In this podcast, Rostam describes how he makes limited use of the tools available, but he still finds the courseware is very effective for teaching and learning. He describes how he used the system initially and how his teaching has evolved. He also talks about how his learners benefit from Edulinc and enjoy it.

Did you know?
Did you know EduLINC’s PoodLL plugin enables learners to use their Android or iOS smartphone cameras to capture and upload audio and video recordings to PoodLL speaking assignments? This is explained on several videos on our YouTube channel. Links to these videos can be found on the HTML 5 Help page on the LearnIT2teach portal.

Updated Tutela Training
The Tutela help files in Stages 2, 3 and 4 of the LearnIT2teach training have been updated to align with Tutela’s newest design.

NanoGong Phase Out
NanoGong activities will not be supported on IRCC’s national learning management system, which will be launched later this fiscal year. Edulinc instructors should stop using NanoGong to author new online speaking activities and switch to PoodLL. Information about authoring a PoodLL speaking assignment can be found in the Stage 3 Blended Learning Development: Activity Guide 1.

Web News
Find free newcomer services near you
Friendly and experienced settlement professionals can help you: Look for a job; Get a language assessment; Register for language classes; Find a place to live; Fill out forms and applications; Sign up your kids for school; Learn about local services ...

Best Language Learning Software of 2018
...  Thankfully, with modern PCs and the internet, it's really easy to get started [learning a language]. All you need to do is choose a learning software that supports the language you want and your available budget. Here are some of the best language software suites available. ...

A search for a better life
How a close bond helped an Eritrean family settle in Yellowknife...

Online tutoring for students adds up
Thia article describes the recipe for success of two online Australian ESL services, one for learners and one for teachers.

What the U.S. could learn from Canada about integrating immigrant students
In Canadian public schools, the children of new immigrants do as well as native-born children within three years of arriving. There kids don't just get language and academic support; their home cultures are celebrated as they are integrated into classes. ...

5 Ways To Improve Teacher Retention
A 2015 National Center of Education Statistics survey on teacher attrition found that about 15% of all teachers leave the profession within five years. A 2015 NPR article states that nearly half of all teachers will leave the school they are currently at. ... Here are five ways to improve teacher retention rates.....

The best way to learn a language: Tips, tricks, and apps to get you fluent in no time
... As adults, though, time is at a premium and learning a new language can feel like an extra chore in a life already crowded ... Here are a few tips, and some of the best apps and courses on the market.. ...

Using Fake Text Messages to Create Learning Activities
  iFake Text Message is a great tool for creating authentic looking materials to engage students and shift materials design into a genre that’s both relevant and familiar. The tool enables you to create a screen image of a text conversation. …  Here are a few ways you can use this with students ...

Instructor, Distance Education (LINC Home Study and Online English)
We are recruiting instructors for the LINC Home Study program funded by IRCC and Online English funded by the Province of Saskatchewan. We provide a self-paced distance language training program for immigrants to Canada ... Instructors deliver weekly instructional sessions by phone or VOIP, as well as monitor and facilitate students’ independent study. Instructors work remotely from home. ...

Online English Teacher
We [Awesome Learning Centre] are providing Online English lessons to Chinese students and we are looking for people who are eager to teach English from all over the world....

Professional Development
Digital technologies in the classroom
This downloadable file from Cambridge International looks at the benefits and challenges of common learning technologies. It also provides suggestions on how schools and teachers can support the use of these technologies.

LearnIT2teach Annotated Bibliography New Resource:  Second language writing online: An update
An irony of our digital age is that we all seem to write more. Think of email, texting, social media and collaborative writing in workplace and education settings. This article reviews the growing body of research in L2 writing online and offers an accessible overview of the online tools and processes that can be used to support teaching and learning in L2 writing.. ...

LearnIT2teach Annotated Bibliography New Resource:  Choosing Technology Tools to Meet Pronunciation Teaching and Learning Goals
Finding quality online resources to support language instruction and learning can be a challenging and time-consuming task. This article offers a very practical review and evaluation of a range of technology tools and sites for instructors and learners working on pronunciation. Each of the items is evaluated based on an assessment of quality, practicality, ease of use and cost from the perspective of a language instructor....

e-Resource Corner
Preparation For Online Learning - NorQuest College
This open Moodle course from NorQuest College is designed to equip adult English language learners in the CLB 4-8 range with digital literacy skills, online learning strategies, and associated vocabulary required to access and engage in online courses.

Practical PBLA
Developed by two Lead Instructors at ASSIST Community Services [Edmonton] in response to the growing need for a practical guide for both current and new instructors, this resource includes teacher-created PBLA templates and samples used in LINC classes, including needs assessment, assessment planning, skill-building and skill-using activities, assessment tools, portfolio review, and everything in between. ...

TVLT New Media Language Training Inc.

Send an email to or call 1-855-522-2221 to inquire about the training.

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