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Tom's Table Tennis Tips


Here's my latest table tennis videos and articles. Tips this issue on forehand topspin, footwork, how to win when the score is 10-10 and the best table tennis bats for advanced players. I also share details of a local league training camp I'm running in August and a new opportunity to become a member of my YouTube channel (and get exclusive content!).


New videos and articles
Paul Drinkhall’s favourite footwork drill

In this video, pro player Paul Drinkhall demonstrates his favourite footwork drill. Paul’s drill involves backhand, forehand middle, backhand, forehand wide. It’s a really good drill to develop your footwork, especially switching between backhand and forehand strokes and dealing with those tricky balls in the middle of the table.

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Beginner’s guide to forehand topspin

In this video, I take an in-depth look at forehand topspin, with advice aimed specifically at beginner players. Forehand topspin is a vital stroke and will help you progress from beginner to intermediate and advanced standards of play.

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Sign-up for YouTube Membership + get exclusive content

My website has lots of free articles and videos to help you improve at table tennis. If you would like even more table tennis tips and advice, you can become a member of my YouTube channel. For a small monthly membership fee, you receive lots of benefits, including live Q&As, extra coaching tips, early access to my videos, bonus footage and more.

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How to win when the score is 10-10

The score is 10-10. How should you try and win the game? Play if safe? Or take risks? Just keep the ball on the table and hope the other payer makes a mistake? Or take the initiative and go for a big attack? In this blog post I share my thoughts on the best way to win when the score is 10-10.

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Table tennis training camp for local league players

In August 2019, I will be running a table tennis training camp here in Cambridge. It’s going to be very focused towards local league players. We’re going to work on the skills, technique and tactics needed to win extra points when paying local league matches.

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Best table tennis bats for advanced players

When you start to progress from intermediate level to advanced level, you should consider upgrading your table tennis bat. For most players, this means buying a bat with a faster blade and faster rubbers to help generate more speed and spin. Your shots will have more zip, more penetration and more power. In this article I share some advice and recommendations about which bat to buy when you start reaching an advanced level of play.

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