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People often tell me that success is what they want most in life. When defining what exactly success means to them, I usually receive an awesome list of life goals: be healthy, land that promotion, travel to another country. It got me thinking on my own definition of success. 

Through my reflections, something surprised me. I used to think success could only be felt once I arrived at my destination. Yet, time and time again, I found myself doing things that seemed to actively undermine my own achievements. Huh?!

Without being aware of it, I was prioritizing the WAY I achieved goals over the result. 60k a year wasn’t worth it if my work didn't light up my spirit. Producing generic writing to get published didn’t offer the same satisfaction as my creative pieces. And I definitely wasn’t ready to call someone my life partner for the sake of checking a box. 

I think on some level, all of us have experienced the friction between achievement and doing what feels right. Here are some ways to think about success in your life:

Your SOUL journey is as important as your GOAL journey!

There are two tracks we run in life. The first is our inward journey to discover who we are and what we value. The second is our outward journey to achieve our dreams. When both are aligned, we can experience a deep sense of fulfillment.

Reaching a destination is only one part of the equation.

Yes we want results, but the energy that carries us forward is very important. What drives you right now? Is it greed, is it ego, is it desire? Can you remain peaceful, loving, and content while working towards your goals? What propels us today defines who we become tomorrow and writes our destiny.

Sometimes, not getting the carrot is a kind of success.

When I was laid off from a job I poured 100% into, I felt like a failure. A friend helped me re-frame that experience. “Maybe this door closed because you weren’t willing to compromise your values in order to fit in?” It absolutely blew my mind! Today, I make choices based on my values because I see it as victory for my inner wellbeing.

Keep on aspiring and inspiring !

<3 Meenu

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