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Young Entrepreneurs Academy teaches entrepreneurship to 11-18 year olds.
We are proud to be in 6 cities with 750 alumni so far!

YEA! On Zoom

We had over 100 participants on our zoom calls

YEA! student in media

In these trying times, we all need such positive stories and role models to lift our spirits!

Khushi Shah, an 18 year old entrepreneur set up a football academy in Surat to nurture young talent

Khushi and her brother Prem came all the way from Surat to Mumbai for 20 saturdays to attend our YEA! classes!

YEA! Covid Warrior

Aarya Banthia
(American Embassy School, Delhi)

Arya Banthia has submitted his ventilator design to Marico Innovation Foundation Covid challenge and has reached Round 3. He is now preparing to answer questions from their judges!

YEA! Covid Warrior

Shiv Kampani
(Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai)

Shiv has programmed a website which graphs the spread of COVID-19 throughout India, from patient to patient, using interactive clusters.
The intention of this website is to stress this importance of social distancing by showing how quickly COVID-19 can be transmitted when social distancing is avoided.

Through this visualisation, contact tracing is made easy. Who transmitted COVID-19 to a given patient and on what date that patient contracted this disease can also be viewed.
You can also view data about each documented patient: which state and district they are from and their current status (deceased, recovered or hospitalized).

Check it out using the link below

YEA! Covid Warrior

Aryan Kunzang Chawla
(Canadian International School, Bangalore)

Among all the heroes who are fighting against the corona virus pandemic are police officers and traffic police who are standing in the scorching sun, ensuring that everyone is safe and sound by sacrificing their own safety.
To show his gratitude to the local police, Aryan has started an initiative called "Care for Cops"
Aryan and his dad drove by the neighborhood and beyond to reach out to police officers and offered them each a box of sweet and a juice pack to quench their thirst and light up their moods.
This was his little way of thanking them.

Check it out using the link below

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