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eNewsletter - December 2, 2020

Blackhawk named manufacturing partner

Rotor blade and kit production

A six-year Partnership Agreement was recently signed between Blackhawk Composites Inc. (Blackhawk), in Morgantown, Kentucky, and both Air Command International LLC and Skywheels LLC, in River Falls, Wisconsin.

The Partnership Agreement allows Blackhawk to continue to manufacture Skywheels, a very popular high-inertia gyroplane rotor blade system that was recently reintroduced, as well as appoints Blackhawk as the exclusive manufacturer of rotorcraft parts and assemblies for Air Command’s gyroplane kit models. The new arrangement also names Blackhawk as the worldwide parts distribution center for all Air Command and Skywheels products.

“The Blackhawk Team is very excited about the opportunity to partner with Joe and his two companies to support the Gyroplane Market,” said Matt Shieman, Chairman at Blackhawk

Aerospace. “While this is a new market segment for Blackhawk, it is consistent with our desire to support the aviation industry and grow the involvement of pilots globally.”

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Skywheels rotor blade flight tests completed

New rotors fly as good as the orginal blade sets, sales begin

Two newly manufactured Skywheels rotor blade sets were flown for the first time at Chillicothe Municipal Airport in Chillicothe, Missouri, from July 10 to September 24.

Both test pilots reported the newly manufactured Skywheels blades flew and performed just as well as the original McCutchen Skywheels made between 1984 and 2001.  To assist in making this comparison, each pilot flew a 25-ft. original McCutchen Skywheels rotor blade set for two-weeks leading up to the date of testing. In addition, each pilot had flown the original McCutchen Skywheels for many years.

Following an 18-year production hiatus, Skywheels is back being manufactured again. Skywheels is known as a high-inertia gyroplane rotor blade system that has a performance and safety record dating back to its first flight in 1984. Since that time over 6,000 individual rotor blades were delivered under the trade names McCutchen Skywheels and Skywheels. Air Command Gyroplanes are perfectly paired with Skywheels rotor blades.

New rotor blades can be ordered now with deliveries planned to begin in January 2021.  Click here for pricing.

Quality assurance at aerospace standards

Blackhawk Aerospace Composites, Morgantown, Kentucky, is the manufacturer of Skywheels rotor blade systems.  Their manufacturing process is AS9100, an aerospace manufacturing standard for quality assurance and workflow management.

Skywheels flight test video (pilot report)

This video is edited footage of some of the flight work and testing completed in Missouri by pilots Bill Kieffer and Greg Bradley. A total of 35 flight hours were flown from July to September 2020 on two blade sets (24- and 25-foot lengths).

12-Month Airworthiness Condition Inspection Guide is now available

The operating limitations of the Air Command gyroplane require the owner-operator to have completed during the proceeding 12-months a condition inspection.  The inspection is required to maintain airworthiness.

Air Command and Skywheels President Joe Covelli shared, "The new Condition Inspection Guide follows the FAA's FAR Part 43, Appendix D, Annual Inspection.  Plus, we've added content specifically for the Air Command gyroplane models."  Covelli added, "Now is the perfect time to download, review, and use the new Guide for your next 12-month condition inspection."

The inspection can be performed by any licensed A&P mechanic, an FAA Approved Repair Station, or by the builder of the gyroplane provided the builder obtains a "Repairman's Certificate" from the FAA.  Click here for more information to obtain a Repairman's Certificate.

Check rudder bolt security

In addition, we've updated the "Preflight Checklist" to include checking the rudder bolt security to the rudder block.

Click the link below to download these and other forms from Air Command's website.

Click here to download safety bulletins and forms

Air Command and Skywheels join LAMA

The Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association (LAMA) is a nonprofit national trade association representing manufacturers of light aircraft, engines, avionics, parts/sub-assemblies, and suppliers and distributors to the light aircraft industry and community.

According to Air Command and Skywheels President Joe Covelli, "LAMA is the industry's voice for light aircraft manufacturers.  Their interaction and close work with the FAA, ASTM, and other entities is important advocacy."  Covelli added, "I've followed the incredible work done the past few years by LAMA and specifically Chairman and President Dan Johnson.  They've earned our company's appreciation and financial support in what they do everyday.  We look forward to being a member."

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