May 28, 2019


Simple Obedience
Stephen Heleman

We pick up on the story of Moses as God has just directed him to return to Egypt to demand the release of the Hebrew people. 

The Journey To Egypt

Read Exodus 4:21-25 here.

While verses 21-23 and verses 24-25 may seem like two parts of a story that don't really go together, there is one parallel: Ignoring God has consequences. In verses 21-23 we see the consequence of Pharaoh's mistreatment of God's people; God says that he will kill the firstborn of Egypt. In verses 24-25, Moses has disobeyed God by not circumcising his son, and God says that he is going to kill Moses's son. Just as there were consequences for their sin, we have consequences for our sin too. Don't believe the lie that your sin isn't hurting anyone. Ignoring God has consequences and we can miss out on God's best for us. But, God's sacrifice of His only son provides us a way back to Him even when we have sinned. 

Life Begins With Obedience

Check Your Heart 

In verses 21-23 Pharaoh refused to obey God and "hardened his heart". When we ignore God's calling, our hearts become harder and harder, keeping us from God's will for our lives. Are you open to what God is trying to show you? Don't harden your heart. Ask yourself, "Is there sin in my life that I am ignoring?"

Trust God

Trust that everything God wants for you, everything He says in His word, and everything He tells you to do is the best. The cross proves that God wants what is best for you.  


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