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I'm really busy with Giveaway events at the moment and as an author these are a great way of finding new readers. I'm holding two events of my own - details below - as well as taking part in a big sci-fi promotion in which you could win a free e-reader! Check out this great event here.

Secret Bunker Rebuild

The real-life Secret Bunker in Scotland re-opens its doors to the public on 1st March and this year celebrates its 25th anniversary of being open to the public. Now, I love this place - so much so that I based a trilogy on it. I've just completely revised that trilogy for the 25th Anniversary, you can check out my author content and photos here.

You're Famous! Really ...

It's true, you really are famous :-) I've been so delighted by your excellent responses to my monthly author questions, that I've decided to share your thoughts in blog form. I'll be publishing more of these in future, but in the meantime you may like to see if you were included in my article about the use of violence in books. Read it here

I've always loved a good cowboy movie but, as a rule, I prefer modern Westerns for their grittiness and realism. Which is why I was delighted to catch this series on Netflix - give it a try, it's compulsive viewing and edge-of-your seat TV, one of the best things I've watched recently.

I've welcomed a lot of new readers in the past week or so, so it's worth me mentioning that my best-selling book - Don't Tell Meg - is available FOR FREE on Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, Google and B&N. If you haven't ready it yet, grab your copy here.

Want to help yourself to 30 FREE sci-fi, space opera and dystopian books? Also included at no cost are my own books, Phase 6 and The Grid 1. Start downloading here.

Prefer Crime and Thriller novels? Load up with 30 FREE books in my special giveaway event. Also included at no cost are my own books, One Fatal Error and Dead of Night.

Winner Announcement!

Thanks to everybody who submitted a response to last month's Author Question about the use of violence in books. This month's winner is Velma MacDonald. Congratulations Velma, your $10 Amazon Gift Card is on its way. I haven't set an author question this month, but it'll be back in March :-)

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