We are wrapping up sustainability month! Today is the last day to have the opportunity to respond to the Sustainable Travel Survey poll so don’t miss out on this interesting travel scenario questionnaire.

If you want to be one of the first to find out the results of the survey, then register to the webinar on How to Travel Sustainably on July 29 (Saturday) as the findings will be revealed with useful insights from our panelists.

50 Tips for Traveling Responsibly

Earlier this month, NomadMania shared the 10 guidelines from the Travel Care Code. And here are 50 Tips for Traveling Responsibly which are practical examples of actionable steps for each of those guidelines.

We hope you incorporate these tips in your future trips and be an advocate towards sustainable travel. You can download a pdf copy from this link.

NomadMania in the Media

NomadMania is mentioned in the press once again this month! NomadMania Sustainable Travel Advocacy Committee member Anna-Katri Raiha has been featured in Helsingin Sanomat, the largest subscription newspaper in Finland and the Nordic countries.

Here are some snippets from the article:

  • "Allowing private individuals to stop flying will not solve the problem of global warming," Räihä says. Air transport is responsible for less than 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Planes are also used to transport cargo and business travellers, Räihä points out.
  • If there was a choice, Räihä would prefer to travel overland. "When you travel overland, you experience more. You get a completely different feeling of traveling than on a plane trip, which is just a move from one place to another," Räihä says.
  • Räihä says that she prefers local services when travelling. "I try to make sure that my money goes directly to local companies and not through intermediaries to big international companies."

What Sustainable Travel Means to Us

Our travel tribe has spoken. ChatGPT has brilliantly summarised below the responses from a number of NomadManians which you can read here.

“For us, sustainable travel means acknowledging the changes in the travel landscape and the challenges it poses. We strive to be conscientious travelers by being aware of our impact, acting like locals, and actively choosing lesser-known destinations. It's about respecting the environment, cultures, and communities we encounter, while leaving a positive mark wherever we go.

Sustainable travel involves making responsible choices, such as carrying reusable items, supporting local economies, and minimizing waste and carbon footprint. By taking social and environmental responsibility, we aim to preserve the beauty of travel for future generations while creating a harmonious balance between exploration and sustainability.”

Read the full article on our blog here

Turkish Travellers Club Receives A Prestigious NomadMania Award

At the 1st NomadMania Awards in 2021, the Turkish Travellers Club received the award for Best NomadMania Friend (Organisation).

It took almost two years for the award to be presented to the members of this extremely active club, but finally, this is what happened at a celebration earlier this month.

In the museum flat bequeathed by the late Orhan Kural, founder of the club, the current President Selman Arinç and the Vice-President Ugur Demircan were there along with a number of friendly travellers.

Read more about this event on our blog here.


P.S. This Friday (July 28th) our former Manager Milana Bojinovic is hosting  a Meetup in Warsaw. So, welcome if you're around. 


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