GECOM: Elections Recount: PPP’s lead narrows to 7,073 votes with 88% of boxes tabulated

By Stabroek News – June 5, 2020

The APNU+AFC Coalition during yesterday’s tabulation made significant gains, managing to decrease the lead held by the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) in the General Elections to 7,073 votes. …with 2,063 of 2,339 boxes of ballots counted.

SEE TABULATED RESULTS BELOW  --   Continue reading →


Saluting “The Last of the Redmen” — by Francis Quamina Farrier

Within the Beautiful Guyana society, there are those who are referred to as “Redmen”. As well as “Red women” for that matter. These folks are light of complexion. To be referred to as a “redman” in Guyana is not actually disrespectful or insulting. It is, for the better part, endearing. In fact, one of Guyana’s celebrity Redmen, is known internationally as “Reds” Perreira.

Few in the wider society know that officially, his name is Joseph Perreira. So this article is not approaching any controversial issue, but rather to accommodate tributes to two outstanding Guyanese redmen who recently died; Dr. Michael Gilkes, 86, and Pat Thompson, 88.  Continue reading →


Things You Should Not Say To Your Black Colleagues Right Now – Opinion

By Adunola Adeshola | ForbesWomen

I have been the only black person in many offices and on many teams. The reality of that became even more clear the day I walked into the office after nine African-Americans partaking in bible study at a historical black church were shot and killed by a white man.

I walked into the office the next day distraught, disappointed, and grieving. My colleagues walked into the office like it was a typical workday        .Continue reading →


Viewpoint: US must confront its Original Sin to move forward – BBC News

By Barrett Holmes  –  PitnerContributor — BBC News — 3 June 2020

Following the death of George Floyd while under arrest, protests have consumed America and onlookers have wondered how one of the most powerful countries in the world could descend into such chaos.

Despite being defined by race, American society does not spend much time analysing the history of our racial divisions, and America prefers to believe in the inevitable progression towards racial equality.        Continue reading →


Guyana Economic Development Trust – Panel Discussion – June 24, 2020 – Register



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