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Sisterhood of Traveling Cookies

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I don’t know about you, but for me, The Sunday Letter is a happy routine that lets me talk about what I want to with you. Be it about kitchen hacks or about the story of my 2 fathers, I just let all my feelings about food, kitchen, and everything around it, come bare in these newsletters.

And today is no different. 

Recently, while talking to a customer, I had an Aha! moment which I desperately wanted to share. And do let me know, once you’re done reading, what you think of this because I think this will change the way we eat in India

So, as I was saying, I was on a routine feedback call with a customer (Let’s call her K), and somehow we got talking about food in general (she loved her cookies btw!). And then she said something like this was the first time she had a freshly made food item that had traveled across the country to reach her. 

And I was stunned.

 K had said in one line what I had been doing for so many months!

A freshly made food item that had traveled across the country.

Because up till now, everything we ate, came in two forms - cooked fresh or packaged. And these two were distinct categories, right?

You wouldn’t expect freshly produced food to come to you after traveling hundreds of kilometers, while you wouldn’t even bat an eyelid if the packet of Namkeen you’re having right now was made in the opposite corner of the country.

One of the few exceptions of course being Milk. But that also travels only up to a certain limit. Like Amul, Mother Dairy, Nandini, Sudha, none of these have a country-wide availability.

But here it was, right in front of K, a cookie that came out of a ‘packet’ but was fresh (baked for her just 2-3 days before) and had come all the way from Delhi to her place in Bangalore.

And K isn’t the only one noticing. Here's what our other patrons are saying -

Probably the best cookies hands down. Last time I ate cookies this good was probably last week when I ordered from them. And before that was the week earlier when I also ordered from them. Their cookie a perfect way to end the day! - Akshay A, 24th June (ordered 9 times)

Came across your cookies through Instagram, and OH MY GOD!! These were heavenly, melted in my mouth, HUGEE, satisfying, and sinful!!! These are too too good!! One cookie is like a meal! So bloody delicious!! Couldn't resist myself!! - Khyati Kejriwal, 10th June

We've been sharing all the reviews on our Instagram page. Do follow us!

Here's another review -

And one more -

But, I digress! 

Coming back to the original fresh vs packaged, I think it’s funny that we don’t have any cross-over options, between these two, whatsoever. 

I mean I can’t think of one thing that was made fresh (without any preservatives whatsoever), that I can keep on my counter to be eaten whenever I want, however I want and wherever I want

And the fact that with Dohful this is even a little bit possible, is huge for us! 


P.S.: Attention folks, the coupon code TreatYourself coupon for 20% OFF on two packs or more is only valid till this month-end (just 2 days remaining). So make use of it while you can! 

P.P.S: If you've watched the movie Sisterhood of Traveling Pants, you know that the pants brought good luck wherever they went. Now, we're not saying its the same for cookies...but you never know, right? 😉

P.P.P.S.: She is a whole lotta expression with Dohful Cookies!! 

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